What to do when a dream comes true

Oct 25, 2022

A few weeks ago, a huge dream came true. It was a dream I’d had for at least 18 years. And then it happened. I took Zoe to Paris (all by myself) and we found her graduation dress. Plus, if you tuned in last week, you’ll also know that we made it home. On our scheduled flight. Hooray!

Sometimes when you achieve a goal or a dream comes true, it can be a little disconcerting because it’s been a part of you for so long. Maybe it’s something you had to work really hard for or maybe it happened with grace and ease. Perhaps a little of both. 

Regardless of how your vision manifests into reality, it’s really important to do the following.

Step 1

First of all, before you do anything else (like say, Okay, what’s next?) celebrate yourself. You did something significant. You followed through. You took action. You probably needed some courage. And you did it, so celebrate. 

It’s easy to get this part wrong. I’m not talking about going...

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We barely made our flight!

Oct 18, 2022

Well, we're back from Paris and did we ever have an adventure getting home. I considered writing out the story and realized that it would have pretty much been a novel so I recorded a video for you instead. 

Click on the image below to see how fear often turns into hilarity and some other profound lessons I learned while panicking at the Charles De Gaulle airport. I told the story to my parents last night and they were in hysterics, so hopefully you're entertained too. 

With delightful love and amplified courage, 


> Creator of Courageous Self-Care

> Practising persistence and patience (I had to record the video twice as the sound didn't work on take 1. It sounded like digestion rather than my hilarious story. Grrr.)

> Coming up with a new dream now that my shopping-in-Paris-for-Zoe's-graduation-dress dream is complete

PS - Body Awake Yoga is back on! Join us live this Friday at 9:15am Mountain or catch the recording. 


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Bon Voyage (to me)

Oct 04, 2022

Dreams are a curious thing. Sometimes you have a dream and it unfolds with so much ease. Other times, it takes a surprising amount of persistence. And other times, you need a healthy dose of divine timing.

Let me give you some contrasting examples. 

The other day, I had a dream of making butter paneer for dinner. I had purchased a jar of plant-based butter chicken sauce (obviously with no chicken in sight) at a lovely little farmers’ market that we can walk to from our new house. (I’m telling you, the perks in our new location are endless.)

We’ve had butter tofu in the past, and this time, I really wanted to add paneer. I walked over to the local organic grocery store, but alas, no paneer, so I made my way over to the Safeway a few blocks further. There were dozens of kinds of cheese from all over the world, but still no paneer. I started to walk home, feeling a little defeated, and then noticed a specialty cheese shop just across the street. Jackpot! Of...

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Spiritual Teachings from our Garage Sale

Sep 27, 2022

A few weeks ago, we had a garage sale. After we moved, we realized that although our new place is more spacious, it has less storage than our previous home, and so it was time to let go of another round of stuff. 

We were just going to give it to the Goodwill, but my parents were also doing a big clearout, so we agreed to do a garage sale together. 

Whenever I do anything in life, I set an intention. It’s important to let the Universe know what you would like to happen. Of course, you can’t be attached to the outcome, but it’s good to get clear on what you would like, and most importantly, on how you’d like to feel. 

The last time we had a garage sale, we made over $1000, so I set my sights high. My dream goal for this year’s event was $1500 (never mind that we didn’t have that much stuff to sell; we had a couple of big-ticket items and it’s good to dream big). When setting intentions, I’ve learned to not worry about...

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How I Narrowly Escaped my Inner Critic

Sep 20, 2022

Good day to you!

There are 3 things I want to share with you this week. Actually, 4 things. 

Thing #1

I deeply appreciate you. Thank you for tuning in today. I’m sending you lots of love.


Thing #2

My son, Oakley, has been taking courageous leaps and bounds in the last few weeks. This summer, he started busking at a local Farmers’ Market and every time he sings and plays his guitar, people come up to him and say things like:

  • You’re one of the best performers we’ve ever had here!
  • You know Justin Bieber got his start by doing what you’re doing.
  • You’ve got something really special. You’re going places!

As a mom, of course it makes my heart sing. 

A couple of weeks ago, he amped it up even more by performing at 2 local night markets. We’re talking on a stage - by himself - for 45 minutes - with a sound crew and everything. The highlight was when he told the crowd he was going to do an improv and could someone suggest a...

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3/4 Year Review Invitation

Sep 13, 2022

I don't know if you've noticed, but 2022 is almost 3/4 of the way through. (How's that for a nice little poem to start things off?)

If you're anything like the old Christina, you might be thinking "who cares"? 

But here's the thing about old Christina:

She used to just go on from one thing to the next, always looking forward, never looking back, and generally feeling overwhelmed along the way. She felt like she was always on the go, running from one thing to the next, and never really feeling adequate at anything. Plus she would have stressed out blow ups on a pretty regular basis. 

That all changed when I decided to become more present by incorporating the ritual of review into my year. And fortunately, I love sharing the ritual with you so that you can feel like you're winning at life too.

I’m hosting a complimentary community call on Saturday Septmeber 24th called The 3/4 Year Review. 

If you feel like: 

  • you’re always on the...
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The Most Important Collection to Get

Sep 06, 2022

There are certain things that make me incredibly happy: a) when my Amazon order arrives and it’s actually what I ordered (and not the unidentifiable square silver piece of material that was supposed to be vacuum filters… true story); b) when my husband says “Let’s go get you a new pair of shoes! (rare but it has happened); c) And whenever I get to add a precious moment to my collection.

I swear, if you’re going to collect something, this is it. Start a collection of precious moments. I’ll share a few with you and then we’ll debate why you would want such a collection. (Except it will be a one-sided debate as you won’t get to give me any input. Unless you choose to email me back. Which is acceptable.)

A Few Excerpts from my Precious Moments Collection

1- My 14-year-old son, Oakley, has been coming to yoga classes with me. Out of the blue, he announced that he wanted to join me. Even at 6:30am. Miraculous! So we were in a class doing a...

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A Note on the Profound Impact of Sharing your Gifts

Aug 30, 2022

Many of my clients come to me because they want to live on purpose and make a contribution but they’re not sure how to do it. 

I wanted to share a story with you of a simple (but courageous) way to do just that. 

One summer when I was in University, about 25ish years ago, I worked 3 jobs. One of those jobs was at a gift shop in Bankers Hall in downtown Calgary. The wares ranged from greeting cards to high-end pens to some very unique carpet travelling bags from England. 

The customers were as varied as the items. There were the high-end oil executives, bankers (obviously), administrative staff and other people who found themselves downtown. 

Do you remember the CD collections that were offered in such stores and each selection had a corresponding button that you could press on the display so that you could hear a sample? I don’t know if those are still around (likely not since there aren’t too many CDs on the market these days). This shop had...

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How to Stay Calm in the Chaos When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Aug 23, 2022

Last week I told you about manifesting a miraculous new home. And I promised to share about the adventure of moving (which we’re still doing). I’ve had people tell me that my life looks so perfect, so this message is to pull back the curtain and show you how there is often chaos and what helps me stay calm and centred. 

I have clients who talk about wanting to be in the flow and express concern about not being in the flow. Personally, I feel like I’m always in the flow and just like in a river, that doesn’t mean that it’s just water, river banks and sun. Rivers have rocks, rapids, eddies, fallen branches, and even the occasional shopping cart. Here’s how to navigate those obstacles. 


Moving Challenge #1

We have A LOT of art; 6-foot original paintings, carvings my husband has created, family photos and pieces from our travels. As I was removing a wood and glass frame from the wall, the surprisingly thick glass slipped out and...

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How to Manifest a Miraculous Home (or whatever else you want)

Aug 16, 2022

This week, I’m writing to you from our new home where we’re mostly moved in. We have fewer storage spots than our last place, so it’s been like putting together a puzzle. Thank goodness we’re all creative people!

I wanted to share with you how we manifested this amazing dream home. The process will work for whatever you’d like to attract into your life as well. Interested? I’m guessing yes, so let’s proceed. (If it’s a no, here’s where you would click delete and carry on with the rest of your day; farewell if that’s the case.)

Step 1: Tune into your intuition

Many months ago, I started getting the feeling that it was time to move. Because we had only moved into our last place a year ago, and it didn’t make much rational sense, so I withheld judgement and followed the nudges. 

Step 2: Set an intention and ask for heavenly help

I’m a big fan of hiring heavenly helpers for as many areas of life as possible....

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