A Self-Care (Halloween) Trick for You

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2023

The Preface: Halloween is not my favourite experience.

I love the original intention of Dia de los Muertes and All Hallow’s Eve. Honouring those who have passed is definitely cause for a sacred celebration and I would love to go to Mexico someday to take part in the occasion. 

The commercialized version that we have today though, leaves something to be desired, at least for me.

Dressing up in costumes? Totally fun. What’s not to love?

Buying, handing out and consuming insane amounts of sugar/candy? Personally, I don’t touch the stuff and yes, we’re those people who hand out mandarin oranges if anyone comes to our door because I just can’t condone all that candy.

We’re also those parents who got our kids to do the Halloween Candy Buy Back at our dentist. They could choose ten things to keep from their trick or treating spoils (which was still very painful for me and my no candy policy) and the rest got traded in for cash with which they could get a gelato or something like that.

What I dislike most of all about Halloween is the gorey décor that has become the trend in front yards around here. 

I’m someone who prefers all body parts to remain on the inside. I loathe being exposed to creepy dolls, horrific tableaus, sinister clowns and the like. Give me a happy jack’o lantern and a fall cornucopia and I’m good to go. 

All of this to bring us to the trick I promised you. 

Prior to this year, whenever I would see Halloween decor that I didn’t like, I would shudder and get mildly upset at being exposed to what I would have rather not seen. I would avert my eyes and fume.

This year, though, I had a brilliant idea! 

Instead of being triggered by the macabre ornamentations, I decided to turn October into Skeleton Appreciation Month. Now, whenever I see unappealing seasonal decorating, I say to myself, “I am so grateful for my magnificent, strong, healthy skeleton!” 

I’ve been feeling so much better about the whole thing and my skeleton has never felt more recognized. 

Better yet, this trick is a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Here’s what you do:

Trigger Trick For Any Time of Year

1-Take any trigger that shows up

2-As soon as you notice your mind ruminating about it, thank your mind for noticing

3-Acknowledge any underlying feelings and give some love to that part of you

(For example: “Part of me that feels disgusted by that Halloween doo-dad, I love you. Thank you for being here. I appreciate that I can feel disgusted.)

4-Turn the trigger into something that works for you

(For example: When I notice myself thinking about something I don’t want in my life, I switch my thoughts over to my intentions and practice being in the energy of what I do want.)

5-Enjoy the feelings associated with the new thoughts (such as feeling great about one’s bones)

There you have it - my sneaky little trick that has made Halloween a little more palatable for me this year. 

And if you feel so inclined, regardless of your feelings about Halloween, please join me in Skeleton Appreciation Month. I bet your bones would love some love.

With osseous love and ontogenous courage (thank you PowerThesaurus),


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>About to have the best week ever: Dermot Kennedy concert on Saturday, Hozier concert in Vancouver on Sunday and then… Disneyland!!!

>Noting the irony of going to Disneyland at Halloween


Last year, I discovered Sistaco nail polish from a client. Even over Zoom, her nails always looked noticeably amazing and so I asked what she was wearing. She told me about Sistaco, an Australian company, that has created a whole new nail polishing experience.

I couldn’t be more thrilled. Here’s why:

-it’s non-toxic

-it doesn’t smell bad

-once you get the hang of it, it takes about ten minutes and your nails are completely dry when you finish

-far less chipping

-lasts significantly longer than regular nail polish

-the colours are amazing

-I don’t know if this is just me, but my nails don’t feel “coated”, which I really appreciate

-makes a great gift!

I know it sounds like I’m a Sistaco salesperson (which my daughter pointed out to me when I was raving about it to a guy with black nail polish on) but I’m not affiliated with them. I’m just a very happy customer.

Check out their website here. I started with the Deluxe Set and am still going strong on that purchase. It looks like they also have a great deal on right now.


Just searching up the link for this song gave me goosebumps. I love this song. It’s so pretty!

Thank you once again to my kids who bring so much awesome new music into our lives. This one is called Riverside and it’s a gorgeous blend of masculine and feminine harmonies (James Spaite and Savs). 

I love the repetitive nature of this piece and the instrumentation is just stunning. Plus, it’s about a river and there doesn’t seem to be too many songs about that topic, at least in my awareness. 


Listen to Riverside by James Spaite and Savs on Spotify 

Listen to Riverside by James Spaite and Savs on iTunes