7 Spiritual Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Marriage: Part 7

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2023


Here we are at the final instalment of 7 Spiritual Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Marriage series: Support Yourself Support Each Other. Woohoo!

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May you have a week filled with observation, fulfillment and curiosity.

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>So excited to share about some recent adventures that I couldn't write about because of the 7 part series

>No longer addicted to chocolate - hooray!

I just finished a fantastic two-book series that had me squeezing in reading at every spare moment (such as waiting for the shower to warm up). I love historical fiction about the wars, especially with the focus on the crucial contributions that women made.

"The War Widow" and "The Ghosts of Paris" by Tara Moss have a fabulous female lead who is an Australian private investigator. Her boldness, audaciousness and daringness gave me something to aspire to. I also love how she didn't let other people's opinions affect her choices. What a role model! Gotta love a girl who sews her own clothes and relishes driving a roadster. 

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This song is soooo pretty and evocative. I love the idea of a slow correction. That’s definitely a great way of looking at a long term relationship - learning about each other, seeing what works and whatever doesn’t… it’s a slow correction of the wheel. Gorgeous. 

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