The Power of Suggestion - what are you allowing in?

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2023

Before we dive into this week’s message, a friendly reminder that we have 2 amazing and transcendent events happening at the end of December; The Year End Retrospective (or Review - apparently it has two distinct titles) and the Conscious New Year’s Celebration.

If you would like to be filled with wonder, awe, self-appreciation and the energy of celebration, please join us. You can just attend one event (for $47) or you can email [email protected] to get the special discount coupon code and come to both for a mere $67 (all in Canadian $ - which makes it even more mere for some of you).

And now… the Power of Suggestion.

A few weeks ago, I went for one of my favourite experiences; a cosmic facial which has not only the facial but also energy work, crystal bowls, crystals and sacred geometry incorporated into the mix. (Plus a foot massage! It’s just the best.)

At the end, the practitioner shared what came through in the energy healing component. As she had mentioned to me on previous visits, she heard the message that I was drained from overgiving.

She looked at me incredulously and said, “Based on what came through, I’m surprised you could even get yourself here. Do you get sick a lot?”

“No, actually I never get sick. I haven’t been sick in many, many years.” 

“Well,” she replied, “I kept running energy through and it was like you couldn’t get enough of it. It seems like you’re exhausted.”

“I do give a lot to others,” said I, “but I also give to myself pretty much all day, every day. And I am cutting back on clients next year, so that should help.”

“Okay,” she said, “I’m just worried about you. You don’t want to get a big wakeup call from the Universe.”

“Definitely not,” I agreed.

After I left, I thought about what she had said and I started to feel tired. So very tired. By the evening, I felt downright exhausted (which is pretty rare). I mean, of course, I get tired at bedtime, but exhaustion and drained aren’t my usual experiences. 

As I lay on the couch in this unfamiliar exhausted state, I wondered if I really was as drained as the energy healer had said. Based on the fact that I never get sick and that I tend to have plenty of energy throughout the day, I decided that I was going to reject her assessment. 

I pointed out to myself that because I do so much breathwork and yoga, and because I have all sorts of daily practices that fill me up, perhaps I just run on a different kind of energy. As my mentor Dr Sue says, we have access to all the energy in the Universe; we don’t just have to use our own. When I landed on that possibility, I knew it was the truth. 

By the next morning, I felt back to my usual bountiful energetic self which made me marvel. Just by the power of suggestion, my energy had totally changed. Someone told me I should be exhausted and then… I was

Once I came back into my own energy, though, and focused on my consistent personal experience, the truth was revealed. 

I don’t begrudge the practitioner at all. I'll definitely go back for more cosmic facials. She was certainly coming from a place of love and concern which makes the whole thing even more interesting. 

It made me ponder and reflect. How much of our experience is happening because of other people’s suggestions? 

A few years ago, a new doctor told my husband that he had high blood pressure. Because of his trust in this professional that he didn’t even know, he totally accepted her word as the truth and experienced a lot of fear as a result. 

He became hyper-focused on his blood pressure, which, of course, ensured that there was a problem. Once he eventually came back into his own energy and got clear on what he wanted as an experience (health, vitality and inner peace), the issue dissolved. 

He stopped going to that doctor and there hasn’t been an issue since. 

The power of suggestion. (Powerful indeed, right?)

That’s why it’s so important to devote some of each day to connecting with your own energy through practices like breathwork, yoga, meditation, journaling, going out in nature (ideally without a phone) or other activities that help you connect with your inner truth. 

No one should be more clear than you about how you want to experience life.

The following truth is available to everyone:

You are a powerful, magnificent, brilliant being who can decide how you want to experience life. 

Personally, I choose to feel energized, connected with the divine, vibrant, playful, loving, masterful and radiant. As a result of that clarity, I make sure I do things every day that ensure I feel that way.

How about you?

How do you want to experience life?

Getting clear on how you want to feel is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. Don’t just take other people’s word for it. You don’t have to follow the status quo. You get to decide and then you get to take inspired action. 

I recommend taking a few minutes (maybe even right now!) to write down your choices for how you want to feel. Then make another list of activities you can do on a regular that will help you feel how you want to feel.  

That’s how powerful you are. 





May you have a week filled with clarity and truth.

With glorious love and dazzling courage, 


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>So ready to support you to connect with the truth of who you are at the Year End Retrospective and/or the Conscious New Year’s events

>Continuing to tell my kids that my favourite phrase they could say to me is “How can I help you?” (because the place I definitely tend to overgive is at home)


Obviously, I am recommending my favourite way to close out the year because I would so love to spend time with you in a meaningful way.

Favourite way #1- 2023 Courageous Self-Care Year-End Retrospective December 26

Can you really move forward if you haven’t taken some time to consciously look back?

No, I don’t think so. 

More details here.

Favourite way #2 Conscious New Years Eve Celebration December 31 

(in the morning, at least in North America, so you can still celebrate in the evening)

Close out the year with sacred ritual so you can start 2024 fresh with no old energies attached. 

More details here.

Love from previous participants:

This has been a very practical experience I love it, it is the best thing that I’ve done this year! I have actually done some amazing things this year without realizing it. Thanks a lot! ~Jacqui

This session has helped me see that I have received a lot of my intentions and goals and it’s helped me to accept and love myself! Thank you for helping me to open up to receive all the good that’s coming to me. ~Linda



I made this drink this week and it was so delicious. You must try it. 

Spiced Creamy Hot Chaga


A few years ago, I was browsing in a consignment store when this song came on. It was love at first listen. Thanks to Shazam, I found out what it was and have been enjoying it ever since. 

It’s called What You Mean To Me by Companion. 

On the one hand, it’s super romantic. And on the other hand, if you listen to it as if it’s your higher self sending you a love note, it feels even more amazing. 

Listen to What You Mean to Me on iTunes

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