How are you completing 2023?

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2023

I was chatting with a client the other day who I’ve been working with since January and we were reviewing her year. 

She had written down her significant accomplishments, both in her internal and external worlds so that we could celebrate them together. 

She had never done that process before and she commented on how it was so valuable to reflect in this way because she tends to just look forward to the next thing rather than taking time for reflection.

“When I have looked back,” she said, “it’s usually been with a really critical lens… this time feels different.”

Over our year together, she has learned to be far more kind, compassionate, gentle and even loving toward herself. Not only that, she lost a significant amount of weight (like a whole person’s worth!), she took two bucket list trips, she got a raise and two bonuses, and perhaps most importantly, she went from having only 3 days of work that she loved in the previous year to having only 3 days of work that she didn’t love this year. A complete 180!

Had she not taken time to reflect, she said, she would have missed out on noticing what a significant year it’s been and she would have skipped over the celebration and self-acknowledgement. 

The key to that last point is that the Universe is composed of the vibrations of celebration, joy, delight and the like. The more time we can spend basking in those energies, the more good we will attract into our lives with less effort (and we’ll have more fun doing it). 


And so…


It’s time for the 2 most powerful events of the year in Courageous Self-Care Land and you’re invited. Here’s the scoop.

Event #1- 2023 Courageous Self-Care Year-End Retrospective December 26

Can you really move forward if you haven’t taken some time to consciously look back?

This will be the fifth year that I’ve done a Year End Review. I can’t imagine not doing it anymore because I’ve discovered that by taking the time to sit down and review the year, you learn so much about yourself and how you showed up during the year. 

From there, you set new intentions for the upcoming year, keeping the habits that have clearly worked. Although the last few years have been *interesting*, they’ve been the best of my life, and I attribute that to consciously reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future with anticipation and excitement, as we do during this process.

There are all sorts of other reasons to do a Year End Retrospective, and if you’d like to learn more (and have a laugh or perhaps even a guffaw or two), head over to the full description by clicking here. 

Basically, by doing the Year End Retrospective, you’ll understand that you’re a much more awesome person than you thought and you’ll have all sorts of evidence. If that’s appealing, please join us.

Event #2 Conscious New Years Eve Celebration December 31 

(in the morning, at least in North America, so you can still celebrate to your heart's content in the evening)

I used to loathe New Years, because it felt so artificially shiny to me. One can only get so excited about a giant ball reacting to gravity in Times Square, especially when sitting alone in the dark (speaking from personal experience, obviously). 

Then, a few years ago, I became more mindful about December 31st and started doing sacred rituals to complete the energy of the year and set the stage for a fresh start. 

That felt a whole lot better and now I love New Years. I’ll be hosting a live virtual celebration filled with ritual and mindful processes to help you let go of what you no longer need so that 2024 starts off all fresh, squeaky and clean. (OMG, I just totally forgot how to spell squeaky… here’s what I came up with: skweeky - which looked so very wrong but I blanked on how to fix it - thank you spell check!)

If a Conscious New Years Celebration sounds intriguing (or weird) to you and you’d like to find out more, click here. I made a lovely page to (sort of vaguely) explain what we’ll be doing and why it’s wonderful. I like to keep it kind of sacred/secret so it has the element of surprise. Don’t worry, it won’t be that weird. (At least not to me ;)

Oh- if you want to attend both events, there’s a lovely special deal. Just email me back to request the super secret link.

Love from past participants:

Thank you so much. You have given me so much to accomplish by checking in with myself. ~Judi

I appreciate the review & how many goals I’ve achieved. Planning fun time is something I intend to do more in my life. I didn’t know it was missing until now. ~Virginia

I’m proud of myself for having accomplished so much this year. In total gratitude for the exquisite design of the session. Thank you for doing this Christina. You have been a great facilitator and very empowering. ~Colette

I can see I've grown to be so much kinder and gentler with myself! What a gift. This session was OUTSTANDING! ~Heather

This was exquisite - such a wave of grace. ~Eva

This process unravelled my brain and helped me drop into my heart where I experienced love, gratitude and hope. Best 1-1/2 hours I’ve spent in a long time. ~T

I am amazed at all that I DID do this year and feel so very grateful when I thought there weren't any miracles happening. ~Margaret Ann

I figured out what is really important. ~Anne

I appreciated taking the time to review and celebrate. I often move to the next thing. I love the reflection..dreaming big, asking for universal support…and creating WHITE SPACE. ~Kathy

This has been a very practical experience I love it, it is the best thing that I’ve done this year! I have actually done some amazing things this year without realizing it. Thanks a lot! ~Jacqui

This session has helped me see that I have received a lot of my intentions and goals and it’s helped me to accept and love myself! Thank you for helping me to open up to receive all the good that’s coming to me. ~Linda

More miracles are occurring than I realized. I’m taking more steps toward my goals than I had realized. My takeaway is a wonderment at how far I have come. ~Tracy

I hope you will join us. 

With reflective love and conscious courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Celebrating that I've gotten on my yoga mat for at least 5 Sun Saluations every day for two years - yay me!

>Wondering what you could 'yay me' about (for yourself; not for me)

PS - Although I have recommendations and songs I would love to share with you today, I'm saving them for next week. Just to keep you on your toes. (Which will give you gorgeous gastrocnemius!)