Birthday Flash Sale

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2023

It was my 47th birthday this Sunday, November 12th. I don’t know about you, but I find it quite challenging to keep track of my age, especially since my beloved is a year older than me. I’m rarely sure if I’m his age or mine but it seems to work out to my benefit because I’m always pleasantly surprised to be younger than I thought. 

I have two gifts to give you in honour of the celebration this week. 

Gift #1 is an idea I love and Gift #2 is a birthday flash sale (take a peek a little further down for the details).

Gift #1: The Idea

At a recent talk by Dewitt Jones, a celebrated National Geographic photographer now in his 80s but with the pep of a 47-year-old, he shared an idea that I wrote down because it was so powerful and on point.

He said that we don’t need to try to fix things about ourselves. If we have the focus of fixing anything like health issues, relationship issues, emotional issues, etc, we’re giving more energy to the problem and then it has to exist and amplify because of how we’re relating to it. 

Rather than fixing things, he said to focus instead on connection. I love this idea!

Here’s an example. If you have something going on that’s health-related, it’s really your body and your entire energy system calling out for more connection. 

What can you connect to, you might ask?

  • You could connect to your body either through journalling or meditation by asking what message it’s trying to convey to you. 
  • You could connect to your higher self to inquire what lesson you’re meant to learn. 
  • A great place to connect to Infinite Intelligence is out in nature so get yourself outdoors and see what occurs to you. 
  • You could connect to love and invite it to pour into your body through breath or mindful movement such as yoga or dancing. 

Doesn’t that sound more productive (and delicious) than trying to fix yourself?

If you’ve been trying to fix something, why not shift your focus to connection? Get curious about how you could connect and then take inspired action. 

It’s an incredible relief to embrace the idea that there’s nothing wrong with you (even though your mind might disagree). 

Truly, our ultimate journey and purpose is to open up to and awaken to our full magnificence and brilliance. The best way to do that is through connection.

Notice what you’ve been trying to fix and substitute connection instead. I predict that you will experience great fulfilment and expansive joy. 

Gift #2: Birthday Flash Sale

In celebration of the big 4-7, I’m offering a whopping $120 off my masterclass called How to Set Better Boundaries. It’s listed on the website for $147 but with the coupon WHATADEAL, you can get it for just $27. 

If you’ve been noticing that you don’t get treated in the way you deserve or you tend to feel overwhelmed much of the time, this class is for you. 

Inside this 90 minute on-demand class, you'll learn:

>The number one thing that keeps you from setting strong boundaries (and it’s not just about saying no)

>The major mistake people make when they’re trying to get better at boundaries

>3 powerful strategies for setting better energetic boundaries that you probably would never even have considered

>How to get people to respect you, even when you’re turning down their requests (aka how to say no gracefully with confidence)

Click here to get the deal and the rest of the details

The deal is available for 3 days. I’ll send you a happy little reminder on the last day (if you're on my email list - if not, you'll just have to remember on your own), lest you should forget and then miss out on the deal and then cry into your bananas flambé when you realize the tragedy. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? (And by the way, when’s the last time you had bananas flambé? Do people even eat that anymore?) 

Anyway, enjoy gift #1, gift #2 or a combination of both. 

May your week be filled with celebration, deep connection and wonder.

With festive love and glorious courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Pulled the giraffe card from my Animal Spirit Guide oracle deck as my message for the upcoming year (which means to be bold and connect to Higher Wisdom)

>Daily Meditator, no matter what 


Many years ago, I heard Oprah say something that I took to heart. She said that every decade gets better. 

You may think, “Yeah, right,” when you read that statement, but how we relate to aging is a choice. Personally, I choose to focus on how things continue to get better because what you focus on expands. 

The alternative holds no appeal and so I recommend this mindset, courtesy of Oprah: Every decade gets better and better.

I love Love LOVE U2. I think they are amazing people and a gorgeous example of persistence, brotherly love and musical genius. 

I could share any number of songs from their expansive repertoire. This one holds a special place in my heart. When I was a high school dance teacher, I choreographed a piece to Love is Blindness and it was such a beautiful expression of this song. The students wore black from head to toe, including eye masks and danced in front a of a black backdrop. One African American young man, when watching himself in the video of the performance lamented, “You can’t even see me!” (which still makes me laugh).

I also have happy memories of playing Love is Blindness in my little Mazda as I drove home from dance class with the sunroof open, the speakers blaring, me singing at the top of my lungs and the stars shining down on my lovely high school self. 

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