4 Helpful Clues to Uncovering Your Purpose

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2023

Many years ago, toward the beginning of my personal development/spiritual journey, I heard a speaker that impacted me enough to buy his teachings on a relatively newfangled device called a thumbdrive. 

That thumbdrive somehow found its way onto my Apple Music and the other day, one of the teachings popped up amidst my eclectic playlist. 

(My kids always say it’s an adventure to put my music on shuffle - you never know what you’re going to get… could be a meditation, a chapter from the Secret, U2, a Celtic ballad, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a recording from my podcast - the possibilities are really endless.)

Anyways, back to the teaching. I really loved what the speaker had to say and although I would love to credit him, he only shows up on my phone as Greg M - so thank you almost anonymous Greg for the following juicy tidbits.

When it comes to knowing and living your purpose, there are two things to be on the lookout for.

Clue to Your Purpose #1

Notice what gives you goosebumps.

You can’t give yourself goosebumps (or as I like to call them truthbumps). 

It’s truly your energy system revealing something to you. I’ve been paying attention to my truthbump moments for years. They help me choose books to read, movies to watch and they also continue to reveal that I love spiritual conversations and connecting with the divine. 

During most sessions with my clients, I’ll get truthbumps at least once, especially when they’ve uncovered a deeper sense of themselves or have had a revelation. 

So watch for those goosebump moments (and know that it’s the version that comes without being cold - I’m not talking about the kind of goosebumps when you first hop into the shower or when you emerge from a lake into a cold breeze - we’re talking goosebumps for no reason).

Clue to Your Purpose #2

The other thing that Greg M mentioned is to get curious about what makes you furious (although I don’t know if he said it in a way that rhymed). 

When you feel enraged, it means that you’ve come up against one of your most important values and a line has been crossed.

Similar to goosebumps, you can’t actually make yourself feel enraged. Try it right now, just as an experiment. Go for FURY!

And you probably noticed that unless you thought of a specific moment or occasion when you did feel a seething rage, you can’t just whip yourself into a tizzy. Pretty cool, huh?

Be on the lookout for what does make you feel furious and then see what value is on the other side. 

For example, I’ve experienced fury plenty of times with my family (since they are excellent revearlers of triggers). On one such occasion, my usually patient demeanour changed into rage when I got interrupted one too many times. I probably cried and retreated. 

After I cooled down, I asked myself what value was at play in this situation and noticed that being heard and feeling important are essential to me. I do a lot of listening in my work, both to what’s being said and what’s not being said, and I like for people to do the same for me. 

Therefore, part of my purpose is listening, being heard, feeling important and connected, along with reciprocal communication. 

It’s pretty magical to approach your purpose in this way because you’re looking for what’s already there rather than trying to make things up from scratch.

And that leads me to two more helpful ideas/clues when it comes to purpose.

Clue #3

Your purpose is already within you. It’s not something that you have to go out and find. It’s already there and what you’re really doing to connect with it is to get out of the way and allow it to reveal. 

That’s why I love Greg M’s clues. You’re not making anything up, you’re just paying closer attention to what’s already there.

Clue #4

From my mentor Dr Sue Morter (yay! I know her full name!), I love the idea that our ultimate purpose is to awaken to our brilliance and magnificence. The end. No seeking required. 

To explain that concept a little further (in case your mind isn’t satisfied with just one sentence when it comes to the big idea of purpose), I’ll share a little bit more.

On a soul level, we are all whole and complete. There’s nothing to fix, nothing is broken, nothing is wrong. Since it doesn’t necessarily look that way when we live our human lives filled with emotional ups and downs, our work is to embody that brilliance and magnificence so that we can experience more love, internal power, ease, grace, joy, trust, gratitude and all the other stuff we desire. 

All of those energies are high vibrations. Our work is to make our body-temples a vibrational match so that those energies become part of our everyday lives rather than remaining in our energy fields where we don’t necessarily get to experience them very often. 

How to do that? I have ideas for you!

>conscious breathing


>yoga (especially Body Awake Yoga because of the combination of conscious breathwork with the postures) (try a month for free by clicking that link)

>connecting with Nature


>recording your gratitudes

>choosing love, especially towards yourself

>oodles of moments of self-acknowledgment and celebration 

So there you have it. Your purpose is closer than you thought. 

And one last idea from Dr Carol Carnes. If you feel stressed by the idea of finding/living your purpose, focus instead on what makes you feel fully alive and do more of that. Because that’s really what it’s all about anyway.

May you have a week where you experience fulfillment, overflowing love and wholeness.

With astronomical love and graceful courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Blown away but not surprised that Paul put on last week’s recommended song without me saying anything to him

> Another thing that makes me enraged is automatic voice messaging systems because they don’t align with my value of efficiency… they are truly a test of patience for me!

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Here’s a nice, mellow, easy-listening tune that is not elevator music. (With those adjectives, you might have been concerned that I was recommended a song I heard in an elevator, but rest assured, I would never do that.)

It’s by an Australian indie-folk duo called Hollow Coves and the song is Moments. It has a gorgeous message and although it’s not listed in their top songs, I really love it. I think they love it too, because the album is named Moments as well. Enjoy!

Listen to Moments by Hollow Coves on Spotify

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