Hiring the Heavens on the West Coast Trail

Jul 23, 2024

Ever since I read the book Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter, I’ve made hiring heavenly helpers part of my daily life. Whenever there is something that’s out of my control, I appoint the appropriate energetic beings and hire them to help out. This practice has been nothing short of miraculous.

While preparing for hiking the West Coast Trail, there were a myriad of unknowns that I found unsettling and so I employed all sorts of helpers. The results were beyond my wildest expectations. 

I’d love to share my experience to give you ideas on how you can also make a practice of receiving help from the unseen. 

Heavenly Helpers for Weather

Several months prior to the trip, I started off with some weather helpers. The WCT is known to be rainy and muddy (since it’s in a rainforest). Although I was up for a certain level of adventure, I decided to request gorgeous weather - because why not?

I said, “Heavenly helpers who are masterful at beautiful...

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Hiking the West Coast Trail: My Biggest Planning Mistake

Jul 16, 2024

Well, we did it; our family hiked the West Coast Trail which is said to be the most challenging backpacking trip in North America. Yay us! (It's amazing how a week of experiences, adventures, emotional ups and downs and such growth can be summarized into one little sentence - we did it.)

I must say that while we were getting ready, I had quite a few moments of fear and even some of abject terror. That’s because I made a significant mistake while planning (a few, actually).

You may have heard that what you focus on expands. Unfortunately, I fell into an old pattern of focusing on worst case scenarios.

Whenever I would mention to someone that we were going to do the West Coast Trail, inevitably, they would say something like, “Oh! When my cousin did that, he had to be evacuated when he broke his leg,” or “I had to walk out on a 3rd degree ankle sprain when I did that trip.”

My mind grabbed onto those stories, amplified them, and then substituted my kids...

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3 Nuggets from our Family Roadtrip

Jul 02, 2024

We’re enroute to our West Coast Trail adventure (on the trail on Friday) and so we spent Canada Day in the car making our way to the coast. (Not quite there yet, but close.)

Along the way, we played some games, laughed a lot, sang a huge variety of songs, and oohed and aahed at the mountains playing hide and seek through the clouds.

Here are three quick nuggets from day 1 of our adventure. 

Nugget 1

We got up at 5:30am so that we could avoid the Canada Day traffic heading out to the mountains. By 7:00am we made it out of the house and zoomed out into the rain. 

Here’s what we discovered. Travelling on a statutory holiday is amazing because… no construction! Although there were many construction spots, there was no action. Plus, it was a rainy kind of day so there was less traffic than we anticipated. 

Who knew that highway travel would be so great? Now we know. 

Nugget 2

We played a couple of games that you might enjoy should you have any...

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A Tale of 3 Miraculous Healings

Jun 25, 2024

First off, I had an amazing time with everyone who attended the 9D Letting Go Breathwork sessions and the ½ Year Review. Powerful stuff happening on all the sessions and yay you for showing up for yourselves! 

Next up, the Remote Healing Open House is taking place tomorrow, June 26 and there’s still plenty of room (what with it being a virtual house with no walls or space constraints!).

If you’d like to join us to cultivate deep peace, optimal health, and to release karma so that you can find even more freedom and clarity, please join us. There's no cost; it's a gift to celebrate all the good things like the Solstice last week, the full moon, the end of the school year and anything else that comes to mind. 

all the details for the Open House are at this link

Moving along to today’s topic… miraculous healings! I had one this past week which got me to thinking about a similar event a year and a half ago which got me to thinking about...

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Use the power of your breath to let go and move on

Jun 11, 2024

Thank you for all the kind words and messages about Zoe’s book and Oakley’s music. It’s always nice to hear from you!

Today, I want to let you know about the upcoming Letting Go and Moving On 9D Breathwork Journeys coming up later this month and then share with you my crazy experience from when I did the process.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that it can be challenging to let things go. You can be very clear in your mind that it’s time to release something and yet… there it is again!!! What the heck?

And that’s only the things you’re aware of. What about what’s going under the surface in your subconscious? There’s plenty to let go of in there but it’s not always clear what’s hiding and what’s ready to leave. 

  • What if you could find a way to let your body decide what it’s ready to release? (because your body is always 100% clear, even when the mind is not)
  • What if it could be...
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Oakley’s album is live! Zoe’s book is published!

Jun 04, 2024

This past Friday was quite a day for my kids.

My son, Oakley, released his debut album Auburn.

My daughter, Zoe, received a box filled with the hardcover copies of her first novel. 

I’ve been sharing the great news while I’ve been out and about and people are asking me over and over, “How did you get your kids to do that?”

Maybe you’re wondering the same thing, so I thought some reflections and a little peek behind the scenes of these accomplishments would be interesting and/or helpful.

The Setup

First off, Paul and I have always valued creativity in our home. When the kids were little, we purposefully avoided battery-operated gadgets and opted for piles of books instead. Even though Zoe and Oakley had many toys (they just seemed to multiply overnight!), they preferred to play with things like bubble wrap and boxes.

We always had music from all over the world playing and encouraged dancing, singing and make-believe.

One time, a little friend of...

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How I Dealt with a Tax Fiasco

May 28, 2024

First off, a big cheer for everyone who attended the 9D Abundance Breathwork session this past Sunday. I’ve heard great feedback like:

“I felt so grounded and grateful.”

“I’ve done breathwork before and have always felt anxious. The guidance and coaching throughout this session, along with the beautiful music, made me feel much more calm and safe.”

“I’ve been feeling a level of happiness and joy that I’ve never experienced before.”

We’ve got another Abundance Breathwork session coming up this Wednesday and then we’ll move to a new topic for June. If you’d like to do the Wednesday session, all the info is here:



And now, onto the Great Tax Fiasco of 2024.

In the Beginning

Once upon a time, I made so little money in my business that I paid no taxes. That was simultaneously fun/not fun.

There were a number of times when I wanted to quit, but I...

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Want more abundance in your life?

May 21, 2024

Exciting news!

I got a new certification recently and I think you’ll be verrrrrry interested.

A few months ago, I was doing a talk at the Red Deer Teachers convention and one of my participants told me about a fantastic breathwork class she had been to that helps amplify abundance. 

Within a few weeks of doing the process, she said, she received several unexpected cheques. (Three cheers for unexpected cheques, right?!?)

I was curious and very interested in this 9D Breathwork she spoke of and so I checked out the website. 

A short while later, I signed up to become certified. My intuition just wouldn’t let it go. 

I’ve done all sorts of breathwork journeys and processes over the years so I already knew how powerful it is. 

I put a lot of faith in 9D because I hadn’t actually done any of their journeys yet, but from what I saw, read and heard in my research, it all felt exactly right.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do the first...

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Are you judging your passions?

May 14, 2024

Thank you to everyone who took the self-care quiz (or quizzes). In case you missed out, click on one of the links below to take the quiz of your choice to see how you’re doing with your self-care in that area. 

Click here to take the Physical Self-Care Quiz

Click here to take the Emotional Self-Care Quiz

Click here to take the Mental Self-Care Quiz

Click here to take the Spiritual Self-Care Quiz

Click here to take the Practical Self-Care Quiz

Now, on to today’s topic: are you judging your passions (and/or your dreams)?

I’ve had many interesting conversations with clients on this subject.

What often show up are doubts that one’s gifts/talents/interests are useful and worthy.

This very topic came up in our own home recently. 

Our daughter, Zoe, who just turned 19, decided to go to Comic Con this year. The idea of dressing up in costumes and being among legions of others doing the same thing was very appealing to her.

One of the main things she did as...

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Take the new self-care quiz

May 07, 2024

Exciting news from Courageous Self-Care Central!

(Well, it’s probably more exciting for me than for you but I’m endeavouring to share my enthusiasm nonetheless.)

After many, many months of work on a behind-the scenes-project, the great news is that I’ve created a whole new set of Courageous Self-Care Quizzes for you.

It started off as the idea to change one of my website pages - the Offerings page - and to create a new self-care quiz. I thought it would be quick (hahaha - I bet you know how that goes…).

As it turned out, it was not quick at all. It led to a project that continued to grow the more I worked on it. Sound familiar?

I ended up making 6 new website pages, 5 new quizzes and corresponding email sequences for each one. Then I had the great idea to add teaching videos to the email sequences!

So that’s why I’m excited to be done. I’ve gained many hours back each week. Woohoo!

Here’s what I did. Initially, it was going to be one...

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