The Importance of Protecting the Subconscious Mind

Oct 26, 2017

I realized something recently during a networking exercise: I'm passionate about protecting the subconscious mind.

Since the day my first sweet child was born, I have wanted to protect that precious part of her. As soon as my son came along, I wanted to do the same for him.

In University, during my first degree, I took a course called Human Development. A good deal of the learning focussed on neuroscience. The information was so important that I wished it was a prerequisite for all people who planned to have children.

Although the subconscious mind is often presented as a mysterious entity, it's really just part of the brain, made up of a network of specific pathways.

Many of those pathways are formed in early childhood and comprise our fundamental belief system, which in turn, affects pretty much every singly aspect of our lives.

Since the subconscious mind runs the show, it's critical to protect it. Whatever we let in has an impact. Thoughts, images, words, music, sounds; they...

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More on the Mentality Shield

Oct 19, 2017

Did you try the mentality shield practice? It was the solution for dealing with negative people and irksome incidents.

Last time, I talked about 2 different ways to protect your mentality (also known as your vibration, thoughts or energy).

I promised I would tell you Zoë's version of the mentality shield. In case your new here, she's my 12 year old daughter.

First, though, a little background. Zoë is a remarkable person, if I do say so myself. Warning: Proud Mom Alert

She's incredibly wise, a deep thinker and very intuitive. She writes poetry and song lyrics that are well beyond her years.

She's one of those people who are really good at everything they try. When she did gymnastics, she got invited onto the competitive team. She does martial arts and got invited into the enrichment class. She started cross country running last year and recently won the City Championship for her age group.

At school, her teachers comment on her excellent leadership skills, her advanced...

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A Simple Practice for Dealing with Negative People and Irksome Incidents

Oct 18, 2017

As people are learning to increase their vibration and maintain it, I often hear the questions: What about the negative people in my life? What do I do to maintain my vibration and energy when I'm around them?

Earlier this year, I learned a practice that has answered that question for me. In fact, it's been one of the most powerful practices I've ever implemented. It's called a Mentality Shield.

The original idea came from the book 3 Simple Steps by Trevor Blake. For a deep discussion on the mentality shield, I highly recommend his book. It's been a game changer for my whole family.

The brief summary for the mentality shield is this: every morning, before you begin your day, imagine a large, thick-walled glass vessel descending from the sky to surround and protect you from any energy, comments, media, incidents or criticism that don't match your vibration.

When something ruffles your feathers, pushes your buttons or brings you down, imagine it bouncing off the walls of the...

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