A Simple Practice for Dealing with Negative People and Irksome Incidents

As people are learning to increase their vibration and maintain it, I often hear the questions: What about the negative people in my life? What do I do to maintain my vibration and energy when I'm around them?

Earlier this year, I learned a practice that has answered that question for me. In fact, it's been one of the most powerful practices I've ever implemented. It's called a Mentality Shield.

The original idea came from the book 3 Simple Steps by Trevor Blake. For a deep discussion on the mentality shield, I highly recommend his book. It's been a game changer for my whole family.

The brief summary for the mentality shield is this: every morning, before you begin your day, imagine a large, thick-walled glass vessel descending from the sky to surround and protect you from any energy, comments, media, incidents or criticism that don't match your vibration.

When something ruffles your feathers, pushes your buttons or brings you down, imagine it bouncing off the walls of the protective vessel.

I loved the idea of the mentality shield when I read about it, but as I experimented with it, I developed something a little fancier to suit my personality. A glass jar was just too plain for me!

Here's what I do. As I'm laying in bed after waking up, I do several things as part of my morning ritual. These include gratitude, visualization, mula banda breathing, setting intentions and putting on my mentality shield.

Here are my Mentality Shield steps that coordinate with a deep breath for each one:

1. Imagine a protective rubbery covering that seals around me. (If you've ever seen the toy called a Wubble, that's what it's like.)

2. Expand it to the shape of a large egg so that I have space inside it.

3. Fill the inside with protective pink light, which is the colour of self-love.

4. Transform the outside into a sparkly golden finish.

5. (My favourite) Turn on a switch that makes the exterior sound like a light sabre.

Throughout the day, when negative thoughts, ideas, or incidents come my way, I imagine them exploding on the golden protective shell like fireworks.

If negative thoughts happen to get through the shield and I notice something is bothering me, I send it back to the outside and turn it into fireworks, using my imagination.

The shield is only permeable to energy that meets or exceeds my vibration.

It's helped me so much with things that used to annoy me, make me angry or scare me.

Each day, as I practice with my mentality shield, it gets stronger. I've developed significantly more patience with my kids, more courage to be authentic and things that used to make me angry don't bother me (as much as before - I'm still practicing!)

I've shared the mentality shield practice with my 12 year old daughter Zoë, and she came up with another version that I love so much. I'll share that with you another time. It's so cool; I know you'll love it too.

What I love about the mentality shield practice is that it takes so little time and it provides an immense energetic return on that small investment.

The mentality shield has solved so many issues I was struggling with and it's so simple. It's especially useful when dealing with people who behave in unkind, impatient or other negative ways.

Why not give it a try over the next week and see what it does for you? Your mentality will thank you!