More on the Mentality Shield

Did you try the mentality shield practice? It was the solution for dealing with negative people and irksome incidents.

Last time, I talked about 2 different ways to protect your mentality (also known as your vibration, thoughts or energy).

I promised I would tell you Zoë's version of the mentality shield. In case your new here, she's my 12 year old daughter.

First, though, a little background. Zoë is a remarkable person, if I do say so myself. Warning: Proud Mom Alert

She's incredibly wise, a deep thinker and very intuitive. She writes poetry and song lyrics that are well beyond her years.

She's one of those people who are really good at everything they try. When she did gymnastics, she got invited onto the competitive team. She does martial arts and got invited into the enrichment class. She started cross country running last year and recently won the City Championship for her age group.

At school, her teachers comment on her excellent leadership skills, her advanced writing ability and her desire to include everyone.

Zoë is the kind of person who bakes cookies for her teachers and coaches and writes heart-felt thank you cards to her friends, instructors, brother, to me and to my husband Paul. 

As I was writing this post (while camping by a river), she collected rocks in the shapes of isoceles, scalene, equilateral and right triangles as a gift for her math teacher. She is something else!

Her stories of what she has manifested would knock your socks off (and if you're not wearing socks, who knows what would happen...)

For example, she just landed a role in an International TV Commercial! More on that another time. Hint: It involved a cookie that likes to be dunked in milk.

She says things like: I would really like a second cookie, but I don't think that would be in my body's best interest. (I'm not even making that up!)

But of course, everyone has their struggles and Zoë is no exception.

Because of her maturity, talent and intuition, she's had friendship challenges. As you can imagine, she can be pretty intimidating and so she's had instances of her friends and classmates trying to bring her down, like crabs in a bucket.

We've spent many tearful evenings coaching her on how to move through the heart-ache.

When I shared the idea of the mentaility shield with her, she listenened attentively. Paul and I refer to the prctice often, so we hoped she would take the time to do it. (You can't make a child do this kind of stuff, you can simply lead by example.)

Recently, I was explaining how I used my mentality shield in a certain circumstance and she shared that she had come up with her own version.

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for... Zoë's Creative Mentality Shield.

When someone makes a hurtful comment to her, or gives her a look, or she hears something said behind her back, this is what she does, in her own words.

"I pretend to take a picture of that moment in my mind and then see it being printed off on a printer. Then I put the picture through a shredder. Next I take the shredded picture up into a helicopter and throw the pieces in the ocean where they disappear."

Isn't that fun? I can totally see how her mentality shield would dissipate the negativity that comes her way.

So now you've got 3 mentality shield options to try:

  • the glass jar
  • the golden egg with fireworks
  • the paper shredder/helicopter solution
  • or you could even choose your own adventure...

Regardless of what version you use, I urge you to protect your mentality. It's one of the few things in life we can actually control and when we learn how, life becomes better than we ever could have imagined.