A Secret about Courageous Self-Care

How are you doing with your thoughts and words about time? In the last post, I talked about the first Foundation of Courageous Self-Care, which is essentially treating time like your friend. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Today I have another juicy secret for you about Courageous Self-Care, which just so happens to be Foundation #2.

Take a big breath so you're ready to receive this earth-shattering news...

Gratitude Changes Everything

Ok, so this is not new information for most people. However, when you decide to devote more of your energy to actual gratitude practices, your life truly does change for the better.

I've been speaking with women recently about gratitude and asking them what their gratitude practices are. Mostly, they say things like, "I say thank you," or "I try to feel grateful throughout the day."

Those are great places to start. And here's your chance to take it a step further.

Gratitude has a magical energy. When you express gratitude to something or...

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The Problem with I'm Sorry

A great deal of Courageous Self-Care involves the words we choose to think and speak.

When we're aware of the words we use, we can significantly change our vibration, because words are incredibly powerful.

Each word, whether thought or spoken, has its own vibration, meaning that it resonates with energy.

If we constantly think and speak words with a low vibration, such as coarse language, we're actually draining our energy and putting out a low vibration frequency.

Because like attracts like, whatever energy we put out comes back to us, so we then attract people and situations that reflect that low vibration back to us.

Conversely, when we choose higher vibration words to affirm to ourselves and to share with others, we then experience more situations and people who fill us up with positive energy.

For example, consider the phrase, "I'm sorry." I'm all for using it as a sincere form of apology, but many people, especially women tend to apologize as a habit.

They utter the...

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The Surprising Benefits of Peacock Day

We have a practice in our house called Peacock Day.

Of all the things my husband I have done to cultivate loving relationships between us and our two kids, Zoë and Oakley, this practice is one of the most powerful.

Peacock Day is when we take turns saying meaningful, loving things to each other. If it's Zoë's Peacock Day, then Paul, Oakley and I say things that will result in Zoë feeling as proud as a peacock.

Most sentences begin with "I love how you..." or "I'm proud of you for..."

On more than one occasion, I've felt my eyes brimming with tears from the recognition and acknowledgment we've given and received.

There have been several surprising benefits to our Peacock Day Ritual. The first one is that it's particularly fulfilling as a parent to hear what my kids see in me and what they love about me. They have said things like "I'm proud of you, Mommy, for being so persistent in your business," and "I love how you support us and are always there for us when we need...

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