New Video: What is Ho'Oponopono Process: How to Find Inner Peace with Yourself

WHAT IS HO’OPONOPONO PROCESS: HOW TO FIND INNER PEACE WITH YOURSELF// If you’re wondering how to find inner peace with yourself, and how to access free will, you’ll want to learn about hooponopono. What is ho’oponopono process? It’s a Hawaiian Healing Practice uncovered by Dr. Hew Len, also known as Hew Len, and popularized by Joe Vitale that will give you inner peace. You may never have heard about ho’oponopono until now and so you may be asking “What is Ho’oponopono? It’s a forgiveness practice that uses principles from the law of attraction. Watch this video to learn how to practice forgiveness for self-care.

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Do you find that you're constantly getting irritated throughout the day, snapping at loved ones and feeling resentful when you do things for others? Something that will help turn that around for you is finding more inner peace. Hi, I'm...

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How to Gain Freedom through Forgiveness

It's a great day to learn about freedom!

Freedom through Forgiveness is the 3rd Foundation of Courageous Self-Care. 

If you missed Foundation 1 (Shifting your Relationship with Time) or Foundation 2 (Gratitude Changes Everything), simply click the link for either one to learn more.

 Now, about Forgiveness and Freedom...


I love this expression about Forgiveness; blaming others is like drinking poison and expecting them to die.

If we're holding onto grudges towards others, or ourselves, we are draining away precious energy. It takes so much energetic tension to blame and to hold onto things that happened in the past. 

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. 

My favourite forgiveness practice is the Ho'Oponopono, an esoteric Hawaiian Healing System. I made a video about it that you can watch here. 

In my experience, the most powerful forgiveness experience is when we choose to forgive ourselves. We can be mighty hard on ourselves, right?


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