New Video: What is Ho'Oponopono Process: How to Find Inner Peace with Yourself

WHAT IS HO’OPONOPONO PROCESS: HOW TO FIND INNER PEACE WITH YOURSELF// If you’re wondering how to find inner peace with yourself, and how to access free will, you’ll want to learn about hooponopono. What is ho’oponopono process? It’s a Hawaiian Healing Practice uncovered by Dr. Hew Len, also known as Hew Len, and popularized by Joe Vitale that will give you inner peace. You may never have heard about ho’oponopono until now and so you may be asking “What is Ho’oponopono? It’s a forgiveness practice that uses principles from the law of attraction. Watch this video to learn how to practice forgiveness for self-care.

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Do you find that you're constantly getting irritated throughout the day, snapping at loved ones and feeling resentful when you do things for others? Something that will help turn that around for you is finding more inner peace. Hi, I'm Christina Marlett, creator of Courageous Self-Care, and today I'm going to show you how to get that inner peace using the Ho'oponopono process.

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I'm going to share the Ho'oponopono process with you in three steps. So first of all, step one: What is Ho'oponopono process? Well, it started centuries ago in Hawaii. It's an ancient Hawaiian healing practice, and it was modernized by several people. Dr. Hew Len is someone from Hawaii who uncovered it from a great healer and teacher. And Joe Vitale, author of Zero Limits and many other popular books found Dr. Hew Len, and had him explain what, well, what he thought was an urban myth.

So the story is, a true story, is that Dr. Hew Len worked, well, first of all he learned the Ho'oponopono process, and then he was invited to work in prison where it was very high security. Everyone, all the employees detested their jobs. They didn't like going there. There was a lot of turnover. The inmates were in shackles or solitary confinement. It was a very unpleasant place to be.

So they needed a psychologist. They invited Dr. Hew Len and he said, "I will go there as long as you don't question my methods." They were desperate so they agreed. Dr. Hew Len, once he got there, he only went into his office. He didn't have contact with anyone, and day after day he would practice the Ho'oponopono process. He would pour over the charts of the inmates, and practice forgiveness towards them.

Within several months, the employees noticed that the prisoners were behaving differently. The shackles came off. They were able to bring prisoners out of solitary confinement. And things just kept on getting better and better. The employees enjoyed themselves more, and the prisoners kept on being released. They had turned a corner, something had shifted, so much so that within three years they had to close down the institution because there were no more inmates left. And that was a direct result, they didn't do anything differently, it was a direct result from this Ho'oponopono practice.

Step number two is getting clarity on what you want. So I'd like to share with you the result of one of my clients who I did this Ho'oponopono healing practice with. She was someone who was divorced, she had a young child, and her relationship with her ex was troublesome. They hadn't had a decent conversation in over a year. Whenever they did see each other, they argued. They both wanted their daughter to have loving parents, but they just didn't know how to proceed and how to work things out between the two of them so they could be civil to each other.

My client, her name was Chelsea, she set the intention that she wanted to have peace with her ex, and that's what this Ho'oponopono process really does. So Chelsea set the intention that she wanted to find peace with her side of the relationship. I took her through a private session where we did this practice, and the next time I saw her, well during the process she said, "Ah, I notice a significant difference. I feel like this weight has been lifted. I feel open. I don't feel that heaviness that I felt before."

She didn't do anything differently, but the next time she saw her ex, she said, "We had our first civil conversation that we've had in a year," and she attributed it to specifically that healing session that we did, and what the difference was she got clearer on what she wanted. She set the intention for peace. She went through the actions and the prescribed sequence for the Ho'oponopono healing process, and that was the result. Her relationship with her ex-husband improved significantly.

What would you like to find more inner peace with? It might be a person, a place, a memory, a circumstance, even an object. Comment below and share it with our community, and don't be shy. The first step to forgiveness and inner peace is acknowledging what you want to let go of, so please leave a comment below.

Step number three is learn the mantra. So Ho'oponopono is based on the four most powerful phrases in any language, and we can say them in English. It still works, although of course originally they were in Hawaiian, and they work in Hawaiian too. I don't know the Hawaiian words, I just know the English. So the mantra is: I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

And here's why it works and how it works. The I'm sorry, please forgive me is referring to the energetic tension that you have around a person, place, thing, object, situation, circumstance, memory. What you're doing is you're saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't actually know that I had this program running, this energetic tension. Please forgive me. And you're speaking to the power that is greater than you. You could call it God, Creator, Spirit.

You're also speaking to your soul, your spirit, the part of you that is connected to all energy throughout the universe. So you're saying, "I'm sorry, please forgive me." And it's not, "I'm so sorry, please forgive me." It's very light. It's like you just bumped into someone at the grocery store looking at the cantaloupes. "Oh, I'm sorry, please forgive me."

The thank you is you're referring to thank you for your forgiveness, thank you for helping me release this, and I love you is referring to that part of yourself that has had tension. You're forgiving yourself for having this running program, this energetic tension. Once you address it with this mantra, miracles happen.

So, here's how you use it. You can say it towards a person, place or thing in your mind. You can say it out loud. You can say it as a prayer. I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. That is how you do the Ho'oponopono process.

But what happens when you add music and movement to enhance your forgiveness? As a certified embodiment coach, I use a lot of music and movement when I work with my private and group coaching clinics, because when you add those elements to healing, it makes it permanent. It accelerates it, and it makes it much lighter and more enjoyable.

I would love for you to experience the power of the Ho'oponopono process when you add music and movement. I've created a guide for the entire process, step-by-step, and I would love to share that with you so that you can experience the incredible results of the Ho'oponopono as a full-bodied experience. You can get the Hawaiian Healing Dance Guide by clicking the link in the description below this video.

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