How to Use Your Mind


One of the most important things I've done for myself in the past few years is learn how to use my mind to my benefit.

Did you know that you have around 60,000 thoughts each day, and over 90% of them are the same thoughts you had the day before that and the day before that?

For most people, this is not good news.

That's because our brains are hardwired to focus on the negative. This hardwiring used to be important in terms of our survival. Consider this scenario from our long ago ancestors. 

Someone from the tribe eats a new plant and then gets really sick. Thankfully, due the brain's hardwiring, no from that tribe will eat the plant again because they were able to make and remember the connection: eat that plant = get sick.

As a species, we have mastered survival. Many of us have created environments and living conditions for ourselves that are downright comfortable.

However, our minds still focus on the negative. 

Have you ever gotten a whole bunch of great...

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