The Key To Boosting Your Confidence

Have you ever felt unappreciated?

Do you remember a time when you just wished someone would notice all the effort you put in?

Do you give a lot of time and energy to others because you're trying to prove something?

If you would have asked me those questions a few years ago, the answer would have been yes and yes and yes.

I used to long for someone to tell me I was doing a great job.

I used to pine for compliments.

The older version of me went out of her way to impress people by going above and beyond, every single time.

It was exhausting.

Then I learned a really important lesson. (and I'm going to share it with you right now!)

If you want acknowledgment from others, you must give it to yourself first.

Paradigm shift, right?  Or maybe you knew that already.

Either way, we can always use a reminder.

Once I began acknowledging myself, I filled up the emptiness I didn't even know I had. 

It was like there were holes in me and I kept reaching out, trying to find pieces that would fit into those holes. No matter how hard I tried though, no matter how much I over-exerted myself, I couldn't get enough pieces to fill the holes.

Then I made a discovery.

The pieces weren't out in the world. They were hidden inside me.

I started giving myself compliments. I began writing down my successes. I developed a process called Deep Celebration.

And guess what?

The holes filled up. It was like I finally had the key to the treasure chest that was hiding in my heart.

My confidence increased, not because of other people, but because I allowed myself to marinate in who I already was. It was a game changer.

Foundation #8 of Courageous Self-Care is Self-Acknowledgment.

Since you know I love action steps, here's yours:

Take the next 5 minutes to make a list of things you appreciate about yourself, successes you've had in your life and anything you love about yourself.

Warning: this may be super-uncomfortable. And I invite you to go there.

Then, after you have your list, take 2 minutes to read it over every day for the rest of the week. Be in the energy of success on your terms. Drink in the amazing human being you are. 

You may even start to notice that people start giving you the compliments you were longing for. The most incredible part, though, is that while they will be nice to hear, you won't really need them anymore.

That's the power of combining courage and self-acknowledgment.

Lots of love to you,


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