How can we live in perfect harmony?

As I was thinking about today's post for Courageous Self-Care Foundation #5, I kept hearing the Lion King song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" run through my head.

There's one line that goes:

... the world for once in perfect harmony

with all its living things.

(Yes, I did just sing the song out loud here at my desk; it's such a classic-for me at least.)

What would it be like to be in perfect harmony? 

I have an unusual answer for you.

To me, perfect harmony would be if each human being could embrace both their masculine and feminine energies and learn to concsiously choose when to use each one. That would be a sweet, sweet symphony.


Because if each human being stopped fearing the feminine and could harness their masculine side when necessary and then their feminine side at other times, seriously people... the world would be glorious.

We would have a world full of whole people who aren't trying to fill their empty spaces with someone else. Each relationship would begin with two complete people who complimented each other and who were divinely aligned to create something magnificent together. Imagine that...

A couple of years ago, I heard a prominent spiritual teacher say that the greatest challenge facing humanity right now is the acceptance of the divine feminine. Once we evolve as human beings to honour the feminine rather than suppress it, we will see positive shifts globally.

What does that mean for the average person?

I could talk about this topic for weeks. It gets me so excited! Fortunately, I will be diving deeply into Harmonizing your Masculine & Feminine Energies on my podcast later this year. 

For now, let me say that if you're thinking this is kind of 'woo woo', it's actually very rooted in science, specifically in hormones. Women who spend too much time in their masculine side experience frequent cascades of stress hormones. 

Here is one actionable takeaway on this topic for women, or for the women in your life:

When women use the phrase 'I have to' it causes stress hormones to be released. Rather than saying "I have to", ask yourself why you want to. The answer to that question brings women back into their feminine side and gives a cascade of relaxation hormones.

Example: "I have to do the laundry" becomes "Why do I want to do the laundry"?

I love getting into clean sheets on a freshly laundered bed.

I love for my kids to have fresh underwear for the week. 

I love to give my husband a hug and nestle into his shoulder with a pleasant absence of B.O.

You get the idea.

Foundation #5 is so important. I look forward to sharing more about it down the road.

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