How to Feel More Powerful

Oh my goodness, it's been awhile! It's my intention to write to you once a week. I just checked the last time I wrote. January 18! That's definitely not once a week. It's not like I've been doing nothing though. 

Since I last wrote to you, I:

  • created 23 episodes of the Courageous Self-Care Podcast
  • went to a Speaker Training Course in Hawaii
  • gave a talk in Vancouver at the Fearless Women's Summit
  • worked on my new homepage for my website
  • interviewed a dozen members of my Speakers Club in Calgary
  • took my kids to a dozen martial arts classes
  • watched my daughter win a gold medal at the city championships for wrestling
  • went to a Stacey Kent concert (If you don't know her, you must look her up!)

Those were the highlights.

There were also some not-so-highlights:

  • had an existential crisis (is the work I'm doing having any impact at all???)
  • had several days of disliking what I saw in the mirror
  • went to bed angry, even though that's one thing I vowed never to do
  • got sick in Hawaii and cried for a good part of the trip

What did I do to get through those low-lights?

I honoured my emotions, practiced gratitude, followed my intuition and said a powerful yes to what I want more of along with a powerful no to what's no longer serving me.

Those are all aspects of feeling more powerful.

Cultivating our Personal Power is Foundation #7 of Courageous Self-Care. 

(I bet you thought I had forgotten all about the other 6 foundations! Never fear, I'm getting back on track and will be sending those out to you over the next few weeks.)

We tend to feel weak when we:

  • suppress our emotions
  • focus on what others think of us
  • ignore our intuition
  • try to control everything
  • act out of obligation

Doing the opposite of each of those points makes us feel truly powerful.

There is so much more I could say on each of these points, and I'll do just that when my podcast rolls around to the month where I'll be diving into exactly how to cultivate your personal power.

Thanks for reading. I feel glad to be writing to you.

Lots of love,