Are you judging your passions?

Uncategorized May 14, 2024

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Now, on to today’s topic: are you judging your passions (and/or your dreams)?

I’ve had many interesting conversations with clients on this subject.

What often show up are doubts that one’s gifts/talents/interests are useful and worthy.

This very topic came up in our own home recently. 

Our daughter, Zoe, who just turned 19, decided to go to Comic Con this year. The idea of dressing up in costumes and being among legions of others doing the same thing was very appealing to her.

One of the main things she did as her elbow healed from surgery last month was to make a myriad of clay tiles for one of the characters she planned to recreate. 

Zoe spent weeks of all-day-costume-making-sessions to craft her four creations. (I’ll share pictures below!)

Living the Dream

On the first day of the event, she emerged from the basement totally transformed into Harley Quinn. (And in case, like me, you don’t know who that is, she’s a DC comic character with her own movie, played by Margot Robbie.)

The next day Zoe morphed into the Norse Goddess of Spring - Idun.

Then she transformed into a dwarf from the Hobbit movies - Thorin Oakenshield.

On the final day, she became an animated character from the show Arcane. 

Zoe shared that on the first day, when she walked into the giant venue, she was moved to tears of joy. To be amongst all the people portraying characters along with the artisans and vendors brought her into a state of bliss.

…Which she later questioned in conversation with me and my husband. She wondered if it was valid and okay to be so passionate about something that “didn’t really matter”.

To which I replied, “What’s most important is to follow your feelings. They give you true guidance, especially when it comes to your passions.”

You see, we are all given gifts and talents that we don’t necessarily get to choose. That’s because the world needs all kinds of people. 

If you judge your talents or passions or gifts and then suppress them because you think they’re not useful or worthy or important, you would be making a huge mistake.

It would be like a hostess at a party carrying around a tray of delicious food that she made but never offering the culinary delights to anyone. 

Ultimately, we’re all seeking feelings of bliss, great joy and fulfilment. It doesn’t make much sense to judge those feelings if they’re showing up. As long as your dreams and passions have the ultimate effect of uplifting humanity, you’re good to go!

We said as much to Zoe. We asked her if she was hurting anyone by making her costumes or going to Comic Con. Obviously not. 

We also asked if she saw any way that participating in Comic Con was uplifting humanity.

Here are some reflections:

  • it’s all about telling stories, which we are hardwired to love
  • she was supporting local artisans and businesses
  • many people approached her to share how much they loved her costumes so she brought joy to others just by being herself
  • connections were made by like-minded people
  • she attended talks by all sorts of experts who were living their passions
  • the whole event is an opportunity to actively participate in creativity and expression
  • PLUS it was fun! When we’re having genuine fun, we are making a vibrational difference and uplifting all of humanity

Not to mention that when I reflected on the highlights of my week, seeing Zoe in costume each day totally lifted my heart. Without trying, she made my life better and invited me into those wonderful vibrations she was experiencing herself. 

Want to see her costumes? Here you go:

And so to bring this home to you, are you consciously or subconsciously judging or diminishing your dreams, talents, gifts or passions?

I know I’ve done that in the past. At one point, I realized that it was okay to want what I wanted and to celebrate what I’ve been gifted. 

And then I felt great relief. Plus, once I admitted to myself that it was okay, I felt liberated to actually pursue my dreams. Not surprisingly, they started to unfold with a lot more ease and grace. 

I invite you to do the same. It’s a great exercise to write down your gifts and talents, along with the biggest dreams you can dream for yourself. 

(If you’re concerned that you don’t have any gifts or talents, let me tell you that, in that case, your ego is winning. The ego isn’t just about being big-headed, it can also make you feel very, very small. It’s impossible to not have all sorts of gifts and talents. Every human comes with several, so allow your mind to soften and open up to the truth.)

Once you have your list, use your imagination to envision what it would feel like if your dreams were already fulfilled. Then notice how that feels in your body. 

You don’t have to wait for the great feelings - you can have them right on this very day! No need to postpone happiness at all. 

The world needs all sorts of people with all sorts of dreams, including yours. 

What could you do today to honour your gifts and talents? I encourage you to see what comes up and then also see how you can take inspired action. Why wait? You’re certainly closer than you think once you embrace what you’ve got.

Here’s to all of our big dreams and the talents we were gifted to help bring those dreams into reality. 

With sacred love and actioned courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and to everyone who has the spirit of creation and has brought wonderful things into the world

>We celebrated in Banff; first at the restaurant Nourish and then at the Hot Springs - two of my favourite things to do.

I shared in last week’s message that our family was doing a cleanse. We did the 3-6-9 Cleanse which is also a spiritual cleanse so, of course, it was profound and impactful. 

One valuable tidbit I learned through this adventure is that for ultimate liver happiness and top-quality functioning, it’s important to not eat any fat before lunchtime. 

And yes, most socially acceptable breakfast foods are laden with fat.

When you eat fat before lunch (even the “healthy kinds” like avocados and avocado oil, nuts, coconut in all forms, seeds and so on), it interrupts the liver’s ability to do its morning detox and so it ends up producing bile instead, which isn’t the best use of its time and energy.

Compound that over years and years and you end up with a fatty liver and too much fat in the blood because detoxing had to be put on the back burner. 

Those issues, in turn, lead to many chronic difficulties including a sluggish lymphatic system, decreased immunity, excessive weight gain, digestive issues and all sorts of other problems. 

What to eat in the morning then? Fruit! 

Although fruit has gotten a bad rap over the years, it’s the perfect thing to eat in the morning because it provides everything your liver and brain need for optimal functioning. 

Here’s a creative version of cereal that’s fruit-based to give you some ideas on how to make the shift to fat-free mornings.

And here’s my absolute favourite pancake recipe. No gluten, no processed sugar, no fat but still exploding with deliciousness.

From the time I was in Grade 4- Grade 12, I took piano lessons. I must say, I wasn’t super passionate about it, but I was still pretty good, what with being a perfectionist and all.

As I progressed to the higher levels, my piano teacher would play little bits of the Royal Conservatory songs so I could choose the next one to study.

It became evident that I loved the songs in a minor key. If my teacher played a happy tune, I would tell her to skip it and move along to something sadder. 

In keeping with that love for the minor keys, today’s song is a classic - Air on a G String. I love this piece so much that I wanted it for a wedding march but decided it was a bit too melancholy. (We opted for Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring instead - a major key, but more in line with the spirit of a wedding.)

If you’re in the mood for delicious melodies that tug on your heartstrings in the best way possible, have a listen. Bach doesn’t disappoint. 

Listen to Air on a G String on iTunes

Listen to Air on a G String on Spotify