Visualization in the 1980s

I first learned about visualization when I was 7 years old. I was a competitor in the Parkland Tap Festival, where each child performed the same tap dance solo and then received their placement.

It was my first year in the competition and much to my dismay, I placed 3rd behind two other girls from my studio. I received a bronze medal. What I really wanted was the trophy that was awarded to the winner.

I shared that goal with my mom and she told me about visualization. The process involves getting clear on what you want and then imagining it in your mind's eye frequently.

For the next year, as I drifted off to sleep, I imagined myself on the stage, receiving that shiny trophy. I reeeealllllyyyyyy wanted that trophy and so I devoted my bedtime thoughts to that image.

The other important part of visualization is taking action in real life, so as soon as I learned my dance routine for the 8 year old category, I practiced it religiously.

I practiced the dance in my mind, which is...

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My Version of Visualization

I'm curious... what do you want?

What do you really, really want for yourself?

For many people, the answer to that qestion is elusive and so they stumble through life feeling unfulfilled.

When I was younger the only thing I had clarity around was my hair. I had a hair plan in high school.

First I would grow it long.

Then I would get married.

On my honeymoon, I would get it braided into cornrows.

Then I would cut it short.

And guess what? My plan unfolded perfectly! I could see each phase in my imagination before it actually happened.

I knew that this practice  of visualization worked because my mom taught it to me when I was in grade 4 and I manifested my biggest dream as an eight year old.

Visualization has worked well for me because it helps bring me clarity on what I want in life.

I do my visualization practice every morning before getting up and in the evening before bed. 

I've studied visualization intensively from a variety of different teachers, including...

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