You would never guess this about me...

People who know me now would never guess it, but I was really serious for most of my life.

School was serious business.

Competing in sports and dance…serious business.

Teaching and coaching… serious business.

Being a mom… really serious business.

You get the idea.

I was really hard on myself (sound familiar?). If something didn’t go perfectly, I perceived it as a failure. Life wasn’t a bowl of cherries, that’s for sure.

Then I read a book called The Art of Possibility.

A new concept was introduced in those pages: Rule #6.

Rule #6 meant “Don’t take yourself so blankety-blank seriously.”

There were no other rules. No #5 or #7. Just #6.

I liked the idea of this new rule. I didn’t quite know what to do with it, but it sounded appealing.

A few years later, I attended two personal development courses called Enlightened Warrior and Wizard. Something amazing happened at those camps.

We did exercises where people looked deeply into each other’s eyes and said what they saw there.

My partners said the most unexpected things to me.

“You are so playful.”

“You have fairy energy.”

“You are so much fun!”


It was like taking a peek into a keyhole where I could glimpse what was hidden on the other side.

All I had to do was unlock the door.

Eventually, I learned how to do that. I entered into that new landscape and realized that life didn’t have to be serious.

It could flawed and fun.

It could be ugly, awkward and awesome.

It could be filled with unexpected delights that come from learning to lighten up.

This transformation inspired Courageous Self-Care Foundation #10, which is Lighten Up and Have More Fun.

I speak with many women who have forgotten how to play. They get so wrapped up in working hard and being productive and making a difference that they abandon fun and lightness.

Unfortunately, they become less appealing in the process and then have to work even harder at relationships, work and life in general.

Remembering how to Lighten Up and Have More Fun may sound frivolous, but it’s the missing ingredient in many of my clients’ lives.

When’s the last time you had some good-old-fashioned-fun? If you have to think really hard, it’s time for Rule #6!

Action step to do right this very moment:

Make a list of 5 things you absolutely love to do that are simple, free and fun.

Action step to do before the end of the day:

Choose one thing off your list and do it.

Here’s the thing… most people will like the idea of these two action steps, but they won’t take the time to actually do them. They will come up with 10001 excuses of why they can’t do it. And they will believe those lies.

So what I want you to do is take the two action steps (because there’s no better time than right now to start having more fun) and then send me an email telling me what you did for fun.

I want to know!

I’m really excited to hear from you, so be sure to take action.

Lots of love,


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