You Won't Believe What My Friend Called Me!

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2019

In my Courageous Self-Care Facebook Community, I have a daily question/reflection. I'm often the only one who answers the questions, but I find it very useful to think about my answers. The questions are like little guideposts for my week.

Today's question was about honouring our Feminine Energy. I call it Feminine Energy Fridays and the reflection asks what you will be doing to tune into your creative, mysterious, flowing energy.

Here's what I wrote: 

As I was getting into the energy of today, I noticed that there were many things that I wanted to get done, and I also noticed that I felt tired. On these kind of days, I like to honour both of those truths. Rather than push through and just accomplish, I alternate between working and reading. Each session is quick, like about 25 minutes of work and then a chapter of my book. I like the brief sections of time and feel like both sides of me are getting attention.

As I learn more about myself by practicing Courageous Self-Care, I've realized that it's very helpful to have checkpoints. They are times during the day, week and month that I take time to reflect, track my progress, learn more and see if I'm headed where I want to go. (It's shocking how easy it is to not reflect and then wind up overwhelmed and stressed out!)

Since I've developed these checkpoints, my life has improved dramatically. I feel more on purpose and like I'm contributing more consistently in the ways I love best.

One of the monthly checkpoints I've created is the Self-Care Tune Up. For the last year, I've met with Tune Up Members each month to take a deeper dive into the Courageous Self-Care Foundational Skill Sets and to do some personal coaching. 

I love the Tune Up so much and am putting more focus this year on sharing it because... well, honestly because it's uncomfortable.

I once had a friend read through an ebook I had written and I was very surprised by his feedback. He put it bluntly. He said I was an A**hole. I'm pretty sure no one has ever called me that in my life before that moment. I'm just a nice girl with freckles and pigtails!

He went on to explain that the ebook was so good that if I didn't share it with people, I was an A**hole for keeping it to myself.

I don't want to be a rectum! 

And so, in honour of that strange statement, I am sharing the Tune Up with you. It's too good to keep to myself and the members we have now. 

Because you are part of my community, and community is very important to me, I want to do something nice for you. 

You can find out the something nice by clicking this link.

It's a one time nice thing and I won't be reminding you about it, so I encourage you to take action and click the link. You'll find a 3 minute video that explains what I'm talking about.

Well, that's about 25 minutes, so I'm going to go read another chapter by the fire. I'm reading The Little French Bistro by Nina George. It takes place in the Brittany region of France, where I once cycled with my husband before we had kids. 

Lots of love to you,