You May Not Know This About Me...

You may not know this about me...

I write poetry.

Very occasionally.

Poems seem to come through me when I travel. Several years ago, I was at a retreat in Mexico called Sacred Sensual Splendour. 

I didn't have my kids with me, or my husband. There was almost no wi-fi, so I didn't go on my cell phone. We were given hours of free time every day. There was gloriously little to do.

And as I journalled, poems started to appear on the page.

Up until now, they've been quietly hiding in that journal, but today is a big day! One of them is going to get out into the open, right here. 

If you could, please imagine throwing a little confetti and hearing a party horn blow in honour of this poem's first release.

(I was shocked when I read it over to see that it's about self-care. i guess part of me knew long ago that Courageous Self-Care was in my future!)

I Am a Bridge

I am a bridge between earth and sky.

I am a container. I am grounded.

I choose to contain my strength and keep it for me.

In my strong container, my boundaries are clear.

When my boundaries are clear, I nurture and am nurtured.

I honour myself by taking care of me.

A bridge is strong.

I am the bridge between self-care and care for others.

It's not a choice between the two.

I am a bridge. Both sides are important.

There is love on both sides.

I am a Bridge.