Why Power Words are Powerful

I have 6 power words that I use as guides along the journey of the person I want to become. 

One of those is Adventurous. While in Kauai this summer, that word helped me on many occasions to expand my comfort zone.

On the ziplining platform that towered above the trees, the guide asked me, "seated Position or Flyin' Kauaian?" I really wanted to reply seated because I knew I could do that. I'd done it twice before- once in Jamaica and once on the warm up line a few minutes prior.

Then my power word reminded me that I am Adventurous and Adventurous People benefit from flyiing through the air like SuperMan.

"I suppose I will do the Flyin' Kauain," I replied unenthusiastically.

My kids cheered. The guide laughed and said, "You don't sound very excited."

He was right. I wasn't excited. I was scared.

He got me all clipped in and explained that I would now stand on the edge of the wooden platform and leap into the air like I was diving into a pool. 

"I changed my mind!" I said suddenly. "I'd prefer to go seated."

"I don't think you want to change your mind," said the guide smoothly. "Once you try flying, you'll be hooked."

"I don't know," I said tentatively.

"You'll love it," he reassured me.


I looked down. Way down.

Then I literally took a leap of faith and... screamed.

The initial dive was terrifying, but as soon as I ran out of breath and stopped screaming, I realized the guide was right. Soaring over the jungle was nothing short of magical.

How many times do we find ourselves on that metaphoric wooden platform, poised to take a leap of faith, but terrified?

As an embodiment coach, I deeply appreciate opportunities like this one, where I get a physical experience of what usually happens just in my mind.

By choosing to fly over the treetops of Kauai, I learned several things:

  • I am fully supported and safe, even though my mind might tell me otherwise
  • Taking a leap of faith means trusting in that support
  • Overcoming fear is incredibly exhillerating
  • When the perceived risk is great, the benefit of moving through that fear is amplified
  • I'm capable of more than I thought
  • Having someone hold me accountable to my dreams is crucial
  • Power words are powerful

Is there a leap you can take today? It might not be monumental, but notice where you're holding back because of fear. Make a decision to move forward, take a breath, and go for it.

I promise that you're fully supported, that you are beyond capable, and that you will feel exhilerated once you stop screaming.