This is Me, Following my Intuition

I'm a big believer in following intuition.

I recently did a video series on my YouTube Channel about that very topic. Actually, that's probably why the following has unfolded. How serendipitous!

After an amazing summer holiday in Kauai, where I took a break from my computer, I had some insights. 

(Check out the photo of me and my family about to surf... I'll be sharing about that experience soon - Game Changer!)

Insight #1

Paul (my beloved husband of 19 years) and I were driving down a luscious street on Kauai that was covered in tropical foliage. We saw lots of gorgeous houses for sale.

We started dreaming about what it would be like to buy one and live on Kauai. I asked him what he would do if we lived there. He said, "Surf." Then he asked me the same question. 

The answer that popped into my head was "Write".

That surprised me initially. 

Although I wrote and published a book, for some reason, I still don't consider myself to be a "Writer". It's been more like I'm someone who wrote a book. I was hesitant to claim the title.

Since that day in Kauai though, the idea has been growing in me and I'm going to follow my intuition by taking action.

I declare the following with you as my witness.

I am a Writer (with a capital W) and I honour that there is something within me that's longing to come out.

Insight #2

To honour my new title, I've been cultivating a practice of daily writing. It's taken the form of writing in a gratitude journal, sitting for guidance and writing out affirmations and intentions.

I realized that I could also start writing to share my insights and release them to out into the world. I love to do that because it deepens my own learning and I'm trusting that it can help other people too.

So this is your head's up...

I'm going to be writing daily. I promise that it will be entertaining, thought-provoking and brief.

You don't have to read it every day, although I hope you will :) I understand that you've got a lot on the go.

Insight #3

My job here is to follow my inution and it's telling me to write every day and share it. What you choose to do with it is up to you.

Insight #4

I'm noticing as I write this post, that I'm really scared. This daily writing commitment is a big deal. I know that I have a tendency to start things and then move onto something else that captures my attention.

I'm going to make the commitment anyway and be courageous.( I just took a deep breath to help my heart-rate slow down.)

That's my big change. I look forward to going on this journey with you.

(Confession: I've had this blog written for WEEKS, sitting in my system, ready to send. Today is the day I'm really feeling the courage. Here we go!)