This Is How You Get Clarity

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021

It feels like clarity is up right now. And that’s because when you have clarity, it makes all the difference in your quality of life. At least that's what I've noticed.

When you have clarity, you tend to:

>feel purposeful

>get more out of life

>have higher quality adventures

>experience more flow

>see challenges for what they really are (hint: growth opportunities)

Here’s an example. Aka Story Time!

In January, I got the sense that it was time to move out of our current home. For the last 3 years, we’ve chosen to live in a lovely, luxurious, intimate condo. Our kids share the master bedroom, Paul and I have the other room and then we have our kitchen, living room and dining room. We moved here for quality of life because it’s right by the river, next door to a world class fitness facility and Paul and the kids could all walk/bike to school/work. We’ve loved it… I mean, there’s even a car wash in the heated parkade. Sensational!

And then, after a powerful clarity process I did in January, it seemed as though the energy here is coming to completion and it’s time to go. Plus, my daughter, Zoe (almost 16!), started asking for her own room. For some unfathomable reason, she no longer wants to share with her younger brother, Oakley (almost 13!). 

So I knew we wanted to move. You might think that’s clarity, but it’s only the first step.

The next step is to get clear on the new vibration by setting a feeling tone. After considerable consideration, I came up with my Soul Goal: I am loving living in a spacious, modern, bright, luxurious new home. (Getting the right words is super important.)

Then I practiced that feeling tone every day, first thing in the morning, because getting what you want (manifesting) is an inside game first. You have to become a vibrational match on the inside to what you want, before you see it on the outside.

Another step: During my weekly Sacred Success Sunday Review, I let the Universe know (in writing) that I expected some support for serendipitous events to take place so we could find our perfect new home. 

I surrendered the timing and details and kept focusing on the feeling of living in our new place. 

Eventually, I got the sense that it was time to take some outer action and so I started looking at what was available. This is where trust came in. I’ll even say that it’s Trust with a capital T, because all sorts of factors started to show up like location, price, availability, questioning… you  know, human stuff.

We looked at some places where the price was right, but none of my factors were fulfilled (not bright/spacious/luxurious or modern). Some places had a few of my qualifications, but would be missing the others. The places that did fit the bill were very scary to my husband in terms of finances, so there were some times when it felt like no progress was being made. However, I kept trusting in my Soul Goal, while getting more and more clear. (Because clarity is a process, not an end point.)

A few weeks ago, there were some major contenders. One place seemed perfect, but then when we drove by to check out the neighbourhood, it didn’t feel right. (Perhaps because there were two guys having a full-on fist fight in the park across the street. It felt like a sign to keep looking…)

Another place also seemed pretty good on the website, so we drove by, but it wasn’t really very spacious, or close enough for anyone to get to school/work easily, so we went on intuition again and kept looking. 

Then the PERFECT PLACE showed up. It matched all 4 criteria, plus it was a block away from Zoe’s high school and Paul and Oakley could still get to their schools relatively easily by bike. I had the sense that we should contact the landlord and check it out as soon as possible. 

We scheduled a time to go see it the next day and then I realized that I couldn’t even go at that time. It still felt important to keep the appointment so Paul and the kids went. I told Paul that if he loved it, to do whatever it took to get it. He was able to give me a Facetime tour while he looked and it was perfect. He filled out an application right then and there. 

The Universe was in fine form with its serendipitous arrangements that I had requested. There had been someone else scheduled to see it before us, but they were a no-show and the landlord said that since our application went in first, we would have priority, assuming everything checked out.

Next step: I asked for energetic support from a few trusted people. And then we waited for one tense day, where I got to practice letting go and trusting over and over and over and over and over, and then, last Saturday, we discovered that we got it! We get to move into our bright, spacious, modern, luxurious new home on July 1st!

So, yes, it’s a great story, and also, this is how clarity works. There are steps, there are practices and there are little bits and pieces that help it go more smoothly. The most important thing about getting clarity, in my opinion, is investing time into the process. If you never take time to sit down and get clear, then you’ll struggle, and just kind of bumble around in the fog. (Which is not so fun because it’s easy to bump into things in the fog and then you get unsightly bruises on your shins.)

If you don’t like fog-induced bruises on your shins and you feel like you would benefit from having some structure around getting clear and want to experience the steps with some guidance so you don’t have to figure it all out yourself, (pause to breathe because… ahem… run-on-sentence) then perhaps you would like to consider this month’s Self-Care Masterclass, which is happening at the end of April. It’s called How to Get Crystal Clear and Take Inspired Action and I would love to guide you through the steps and processes. 

Whether you feel like you have no idea in one or more areas of your life, or you have some clarity but feel a little (or a lot) blocked or clueless as to what to do next, you’ll find tremendous benefit in taking the masterclass. Also, it will be fun! And fog-free!

If you’re intrigued, click here to learn more. If you feel like you’ve got this clarity thing in the bag and you’re regularly doing practices to enhance your clarity and then take inspired action on what you uncover, then no link clicking for you! Hiya! (That’s me making an enthusiastic swiping action that blocks you from link clicking.) 

Either way, have a most sensational day. May many smiles come your way (both emanating from your lovely face and being directed your way from other lovely faces). 

With sparking love and dazzling courage,


Founder of Courageous Self-Care

Lover of Clarity (and moving to new homes)

Daily Practiser of Self-Care in Action