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There are no refunds, but here’s the deal. If you take the masterclass, do the work and document what you’ve done and you don’t feel like anything has shifted, Christina will give you two 30 minute private coaching calls (valued at $400) to see where you’re stuck and help you move through. See? That’s totally better than getting your money back, because we’re after transformation, not refunds. 

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Masterclass: How to Get Crystal Clear & Take Inspired Action

In this practical, done-with-you workshop, you’ll go through several incredibly powerful (and fun!) processes that will help you shine the light on what you really want so that you get unstuck and know what to do next to start taking inspired action.

Why take this masterclass?

  1. To get clarity right in the class, so you can put in your order to the Universe and stop trying to do it all yourself
  2. To find out how to take the leap into the unknown with trust and confidence rather than letting fear hold you back
  3. To discover how to take aligned, inspired action that gives you momentum and satisfaction in every area of your life

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The most important question to ask yourself on a regular basis and how to answer it even when you feel stuck or blocked
  • A simple but effective tool for accessing the clarity you’re seeking 
  • The missing piece to most clarity work (and if you don’t have this piece, you’ll struggle despite your best efforts) 
  • The #1 mistake you’re probably making if you don’t have clarity (and if you’re making this mistake, you’re totally sabotaging any clarity work you’re already doing) 
  • The super-secret secret for getting crystal clear that would most likely never occur to you (at least it didn’t for me; I had to search far and wide for this secret) 
  • The problem with most goal-setting methods

You’ll leave this masterclass with:

  • More clarity (obviously!)
  • Solid strategies on how to move forward with what you discover during the class
  • More energy, lightness and effervescence (you won’t feel so bogged down and heavy)
  • Practical tools you can come back to over and over again when it’s time for more clarity

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IMPORTANT: Make sure that you click the Subscribe to our email list box. Otherwise we can't send you the information on how to access the masterclass.