Well…it’s been A YEAR, hasn’t it?

You know what I love? Fresh starts and newness. Are you with me? And I think 2024 is going to be welcomed with open arms, don’t you?

But hold your horses (if you have any horses, that is… if you don’t have horses, maybe hold on to your leggings. I suspect you’re wearing leggings, just like I am.)

Since it’s been another unique experience, 

this year of 2023 deserves a meaningful conclusion.

I was pretty optimistic, last December 31st that 2023 would be smooth sailing but... 

For me and pretty much all my family and clients, there were parts of the year that were much more challenging than anticipated.

There's a lot of upheaval in the land of human consciousness and that means that many things are being revealed to be healed.   

Therefore, it's super important to do some reflection, letting go and intention setting for 2024. 

And although I am weary from all the two dimensional gatherings that are now a regular part of life, connection in any form is imperative. Therefore, we'll be together on Zoom for our celebration.

If you think about New Years celebrations gone by, you may notice a lingering feeling of disillusionment. Although you got all dressed up, did the countdown and blew the noisemaker, it may have felt hollow, empty or forced. Or maybe you did the exact opposite and stayed home, watched TV and went to bed early. Either way, nothing to write home about, right?

Up until a few years ago, my own New Years Celebrations were not so much celebrations as active avoidances of the whole ordeal. 


Perhaps it stemmed from some traumatic New Years babysitting experiences. Like the one where the kids had never had a babysitter before… ever... and proceeded to cry in stereo for a solid six hours, which left me no choice but to call my own parents in tears. Or like some of the other times where the kids had gone to bed, the parents were still out, and I sat alone in a dark room watching Dick Clark do the countdown while eating a bowl of cereal.

So a few years ago, I had the idea to spread the joy and invite people into our New Year's ritual, but I didn’t. Perhaps the timing wasn’t right. Or I didn’t have the courage.

The idea just wouldn't go away though, so I did my first Conscious New Years Celebration a couple of years ago and it was a total hit. People loved it! Now it's a tradition.

If you’re ready to try something different this year and you’re feeling the need to cleanse the energy of 2023, please join our Conscious New Years Celebration. Live. On Zoom (obviously).

Instead of the same-old-same-old, I invite you to close out this year and welcome in the new one with purpose and vision. 

I invite you to get high on life and drunk with possibility.

I invite you to tap into the part of yourself that you’ve been longing to get to know a little better. 

I invite you to join me for the Conscious New Years Celebration.












Yes Please! >