The Most Important Collection to Get

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2022

There are certain things that make me incredibly happy: a) when my Amazon order arrives and it’s actually what I ordered (and not the unidentifiable square silver piece of material that was supposed to be vacuum filters… true story); b) when my husband says “Let’s go get you a new pair of shoes! (rare but it has happened); c) And whenever I get to add a precious moment to my collection.

I swear, if you’re going to collect something, this is it. Start a collection of precious moments. I’ll share a few with you and then we’ll debate why you would want such a collection. (Except it will be a one-sided debate as you won’t get to give me any input. Unless you choose to email me back. Which is acceptable.)

A Few Excerpts from my Precious Moments Collection

1- My 14-year-old son, Oakley, has been coming to yoga classes with me. Out of the blue, he announced that he wanted to join me. Even at 6:30am. Miraculous! So we were in a class doing a side twist and since our mats were so close together, our hands happened to touch. He grabbed onto my hand and gave it a little squeeze. 

My heart was so deeply touched. For a teenage boy to #1 - want to do yoga with his mom and #2 - to set up his mat next to me and #3 - give me a little love squeeze… well, it just adds up to a moment I want to cherish forever.

2- My 17-year-old daughter, Zoe, has this endearing thing that she does. She makes a precious face, speaks in a really high-pitched voice, and says super cute things. And then I do it back to her. We have conversations where we make each other laugh by just being so goodness-gracious-adorable. Then one night she made her Me-Moji say goodnight in that voice and again, my heart melted. 

3- The other night was one of those spectacular summer evenings. There was a fingernail of a moon, the air was warm and close, and our family was driving by the river. The moonlights in the yards of the fancy houses reflected on the water as we all sang together, attempting to harmonize. It was perfect happiness. 

4- Just to assure you that you can also have precious moments on your own, I recently got my bike fixed. Hooray - I can access more than 2 gears again! I went for a ride on a beautiful sunny day and felt incredible freedom and joy, drinking in the green leaves and blue sky, with the breeze wrapping around me. 

Hopefully you’re getting the idea of what you can add to your Precious Moments Collection. 

Now, here’s what you do with it. 

Suggestion #1

Keep a gratitude journal where you record your treasured moments so they don’t slip by and get lost in the soup of life. I aim to write down 1-3 gratitudes every night and generally end up with more because it feels so good once I get going.

Suggestion #2

Revisit your precious moments as often as possible. They’re a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling not-so-great. They’re also a wonderful energy to revisit when you want to cultivate more of a certain feeling. 

For example, if you want to experience more abundance, summon some of your precious moments that have an abundance flavour. I like to recall the time I won a big scholarship at University. That phone call was spectacular! Or the times my parents have surprised us with huge cheques. I just dive right into those moments to feel the vibes and relive the glory.

Suggestion #3

Share your precious moments with others. When you do that, it compounds the goodness. Sure, you can complain about the weather, or gossip about so and so, but if you want to feel deeply connected to other humans (which I assure you, you do), steer the conversation towards a precious moment from your collection.

Then invite others to share some memorable moments from their lives. You’ll feel so fulfilled and overflowing. Promise. (Caveat: not all people can handle this much high vibration, so it could be one-sided-sharing. That’s okay. At least you’re setting an example of what’s possible.)


You’re always at choice for what you think. If your mind is anything like mine, it certainly likes to go down some very unpleasant old pathways. As soon as I notice that happening, I pull out a precious memory from my collection. 

What you focus on expands, so you might as well focus on what you want more of and I, for one, certainly want a lot more precious memories. 

I hope you’ll get started right away on your Precious Moments Collection. I’m sure it will rival any teaspoons-from-around-the-world or crystal-elephant-figurines assemblage you’ve got going on.

May there be multiple precious moments in your week that make your heart soar.

With accumulating love and bunches of courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Suspicious of Heinz ketchup since 1991

>Still wondering what the heck Amazon delivered instead of vacuum filters; it will likely be one of life’s greatest mysteries

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