So I Declared my Trust in the Universe and Then This Happened…

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2020

Funny story (followed by some philosophical musings).

Last week, I boldly declared that I was going to imagine a big sign in the sky that said “Trust Me”. Remember the nice picture I made with the airplane sign?

Not a day later, our car got broken into. Things got stolen.

“Still trust me?” asked the Universe.

Can we say crossroads?

The answer to that question seemed super important.

Was I going to yell into the sky, “Why God? Whyyyyy?” (à la Joey from Friends).


Or was I going to let the incident roll off me like water off an aardvark’s back? (It just seemed less cliché than a duck.)

Interestingly, I got my answer from my body. When we first discovered that someone had been in our car, parked right outside our place in daylight (and then dusklight), I had no physical reaction. Not a twinge. Not a tightening. Nothing.

It just didn’t seem like that big a deal. Sure my husband’s designer sunglasses were gone (but he had found them on a cliff by the ocean in Hawaii many years before, so… oh well).

Our pfob to the parkade was also gone, but we knew we could get another one. And as for the $15 and the fancy sacred tobacco that my husband uses to bless the earth before we go on hikes and adventures, we said to our kids: clearly someone needed those things a lot more than we do. 

We decided to consider the losses as donations to someone in need.

Now for the musings.

Some people talk about the Universe testing us, and yes, this incident could definitely be perceived as a test.

But I have a different take. I don’t think it’s so much a test as an opportunity to check in and see if any shifts have taken place. 

About 18 years ago, we had a different car that got broken into and on that occasion, I reacted very differently. I felt nauseous, attacked and energetically violated. I could barely figure out what to do and it totally took me down. For days.

This past week, the Universe gave me the opportunity to check in and see how I’m coming along. Same situation. Totally different reaction. 

And that’s why I still trust the Universe. I don’t know how the break in was for my highest good, but that doesn’t even matter to me. All I know is that it didn’t phase me and that’s a result of all the spiritual practice I’ve invested time into. 

Something I learned a long time ago from T. Harv Eker is that if you’re a level 5 person and a level 7 problem shows up, it can take you out. But if you’re a level 10 person and that level 7 problem shows up… no big deal. And if you can downgrade what seems like a level 7 problem to a level 1 problem, like in this case, it’s a non-issue.

The gift in the break in was that I can see how I’ve grown. I got a chance to check in. Plus I got this great story for you!

Before our kids go to bed every night, we share what we’re grateful for from that day. With a genuine smile on my face that night, I said, “I’m grateful that someone broke into our car and took what they needed.”

My daughter, Zoe, gave me a very weird look. I said, “What else are you gonna to do? We might as well be grateful!”

So, I stand by my declaration from last week. I trust in the Universe. Whole heartedly. 

(And next time, I’ll remember to lock the car… I may or may not have done that.)

With carloads full of love and miles and miles of courage,