What I Learned from a Lawnmower

I was on my way to a business meeting recently and found myself with a few minutes to spare. Woohoo! I love it when that happens!

I had missed my morning meditation so I decided to pull over on a residential street and meditate there.

Several minutes in, a lawnmower that had been running turned off.

The silence that ensued was profound. The funny thing was, I hadn't noticed the noise until it stopped.

That's just like energy drains. We generally don't notice our energy draining away until we take care of the leak. Once we do that, the resulting energy boost is noticeable and transformative.

In the Courageous Self-Care model, there are 10 ways that we tend to drain our energy without noticing it. I've created a mini-course on those energy drains and I would love to give it to you as a gift. 

If you're curious about where your energy leaks are, click on this link.

Once we take care of the energy drains, we shift from running on empty to renewable energy.

Just like the lawnmower turning off and leaving pristine silence, we can learn to stop those energy drains and then enjoy the resulting inner well-spring of pervasive energy.