How to Wake Up with More Energy

What are your first thoughts in the morning?

For most people, their thoughts have something to do with lack.

  • Oh My God, it's morning.
  • I didn't get enough sleep. I'm so tired.
  • I have so much to do and so little time.
  • Today's going to be busy.
  • I have to do this and this and this...
  • Do these thoughts make you feel excited to get out of bed?

More likely they make you want to burrow deeper under the duvet and hit the snooze button.

How can you shift those thoughts so that you want to get out of bed, no matter what kind of night you had?

In my experience, Gratitude.

If you can change your first thoughts to be ones of thanks, your day will start off with abundance and 'plenty' rather than 'not enough' and lack.

I've automated my thoughts to begin with gratitude each morning so that I can start my day by feeling thankful, even when I'm in that place in between sleep and waking.

Does it take courage to be in gratitude? Absolutely.

It would be so easy to follow my old habit where my mind started off at 100 miles/minute within seconds of waking up and falling into 'not enough'. That's why Growing your Gratitude is one of the 12 pillars of Courageous Self-Care.

With a bit of practice, gratitude has become my first thought sequence of the day.

To find out the 5 things I give thanks for every morning, click here. You're welcome to use my list. It's taken me years to refine it and I'm happy to share it with you. Go ahead and print if off and put it beside your bed as a riminder for tomorrow morning.

I love the phrase: Gratitude Changes Everything.

I know that my 5 grateful have changed my mornings and that leads to everything about my day feeling better.

Gratitude truly does change everything, especially when you choose it as your first thought of the day.

Living in lack is directly connected to your daily thoughts. Wouldn't you rather bask in Abundance? Waking up grateful is a wonderful place to start.