How to not try so hard and still get results

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

Have you ever thought, “Well, I guess I just need to work harder to get what I want?”

Probably. The generation before us was all about hard work. And it served them pretty well (apart from the self-care bit).

So, what if you’re exhausted, on the verge of burnout? Do you really think working harder is the solution?

It’s not. It’s not even about working smarter. It’s about getting the same or even better results with more ease and flow. Doesn’t that sound better?

Wouldn’t you love to get better results by doing less?

Here’s a little story to illustrate my point.


In March I did some work for an organization and sent them an invoice, as requested. They said they would submit the invoice for payment immediately.

A week went by and… no payment. Another week, same thing. I started feeling annoyed. And then it escalated to angry, so I increased my efforts to collect the money. I sent some inquiry emails and was assured that the payment was on its way.

A month passed. Still no payment. I sent emails that were less inquiring and more blunt. No replies. I tried calling. No response. Grr!

Then it occurred to me that I was trying too hard. What I was doing was clearly not producing the results I wanted. 

I decided to turn to the Universe for some help. 

During the Sacred Success Sunday Reviews that I do every week and facilitate twice a month for our community, there’s a part where we write out a to-do list for the Universe. It’s for items that you want help with, that are out of your control. This seemed like a perfect situation.

I got really bold and wrote down: Please send the payment to me with no further effort on my part.

The next day, I had the idea to ask my husband to call on my behalf to find out what was going on. Happily, he said yes, because he’s amazing. They did answer his call and he found out that they had marked the invoice as paid and had sent a cheque to our old address (from 3 years ago! I don’t even know how they got that address!)

They cancelled the cheque and said they would send a new one the following week. Yay! No extra effort on my part!

I kept writing out my request to the Universe each week.

Another few weeks went by and still… nothing. Boo.

I had just read the book Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter (great read!) and so I hired a heavenly helper to expedite the process. 

And then last week: the cheque arrived! Hooray! With no extra effort on my part!

So, you see, I didn’t work harder to get the result I wanted. I didn’t even work smarter. Instead, I got crystal clear on the ideal outcome, asked for help from the Universe, and very soon thereafter got an idea on which I took inspired action. I asked for help from my husband and then from a heavenly helper. With patience and trust, I got my desired result. I also kept my intention of receiving the money with ease in my heart, rather than falling into any more anger. 

And then: Ta da! It was an exciting day at the mailbox.

So, how about you? Where in your life can you ask for some help rather than working harder? Where can you surrender control and the idea that you have to make it all happen by yourself? Where can you make space for inspired guidance to come through? Where would you like it to be easier?

If you take some time to journal and reflect on these questions, you’ll get some great insights on your desired results. Then the invitation is to stay open for any ideas that come your way. After that, you take inspired action and trust.

Here’s to having more time for fun and celebrating your miraculous results, rather than filling it all up with hard work.

With inspired love and easeful courage,


Founder of Courageous Self-Care

Proud new owner of a lovely cheque

Asker for help, even when it’s uncomfortable

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