What Does Intuition Have to Do with Crabs?

Do you know the metaphor about crabs in the bucket?

In case not, here's the synopsis.


When several crabs are placed in a bucket, generally, one will start climbing, in pursuit of freedom.

The other crabs don't like that, so they pull the freedom-seeker back in with rest of them.

It's such a powerful metaphor, when you think about it in terms of mediocrity.

People can be like crabs. Often, when someone has the vision to change things, the rest of the group can fell threatened and they'll do everyting in their power to bring the visionary back into a more common, non-threatening state.

The ego also works like those clawing crabs.

Your intuition may urge you to reach beyond your current circumstances. It's your guide to expansion and fulfillment.

When your ego catches your intuition making a break for it, it does its utmost to reign you in and settle for the familiar, back in the bucket, where it's familiar. It may be unpleasant circumstances, but at least you know what it's like.

How can we become the crab that gets out of the bucket?

There are 12 pillars of Courageous Self-Care. The one that helps me the most in this case is listening to and trusting my intuition.

It's taken practice to learn how to do that. The effort I've invested has been immensely worthwhile beacause who wants to live in a bucket with crabs?