Bon Voyage (to me)

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2022

Dreams are a curious thing. Sometimes you have a dream and it unfolds with so much ease. Other times, it takes a surprising amount of persistence. And other times, you need a healthy dose of divine timing.

Let me give you some contrasting examples. 

The other day, I had a dream of making butter paneer for dinner. I had purchased a jar of plant-based butter chicken sauce (obviously with no chicken in sight) at a lovely little farmers’ market that we can walk to from our new house. (I’m telling you, the perks in our new location are endless.)

We’ve had butter tofu in the past, and this time, I really wanted to add paneer. I walked over to the local organic grocery store, but alas, no paneer, so I made my way over to the Safeway a few blocks further. There were dozens of kinds of cheese from all over the world, but still no paneer. I started to walk home, feeling a little defeated, and then noticed a specialty cheese shop just across the street. Jackpot! Of course they would have paneer. And… they did not. They told me that they got their paneer for personal use at Superstore, which I just really dislike and there’s not one nearby anyway.

Did I let my dream of butter paneer go? You might think so, after an hour of searching, but I reeeeaaalllly wanted that meal for dinner, and so later on, when I picked Zoe up from school, we drove to another grocery store (with no paneer) and then another. This time, we were successful! Hooray!

My dream came true, thanks to my resourcefulness and persistence. 

Another dream that I’ve had for a lot longer than a dinner plan has been to take Zoe to Paris when she was in grade 12 to get her dress for her graduation celebration. All of a sudden, in September, I realized that the time is now. She is indeed in grade 12 and if we want her to actually have the dress in time for the festivities, it occurred to me that I should get going.

The reminder came as a flight sale to Paris and I got me some reasonable tickets. Easy!

Booking a hotel was also pretty easy, as have been all the other parts of planning the trip. Then my parents gifted us a pile of Euros. To top it all off, travel restrictions got removed just the other day so yippee! 

We’re flying out later today and I’ve set the intention for lots more ease, fun and delightful adventures, along with finding a dress that Zoe loves.

It feels like getting the paneer was more challenging, honestly.

You never know what’s going to coincide with living your dream. Maybe persistence, maybe courage, maybe a few miracles. The most important thing is to embrace your dreams and understand that they want you as much as you want them. 

And now, I’m going to do my final preparations. Au revoir!

(I’ll definitely send some photos next time.)

With adventurous love and persistent courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Mustering up the courage to navigate through Paris

>Super excited for the croissants 

PS - No yoga class this week. Although yoga from Paris would be ooh la la, I’m sure. Nevertheless, I'm taking the week off.