A Tale of 3 Miraculous Healings

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2024

First off, I had an amazing time with everyone who attended the 9D Letting Go Breathwork sessions and the ½ Year Review. Powerful stuff happening on all the sessions and yay you for showing up for yourselves! 

Next up, the Remote Healing Open House is taking place tomorrow, June 26 and there’s still plenty of room (what with it being a virtual house with no walls or space constraints!).

If you’d like to join us to cultivate deep peace, optimal health, and to release karma so that you can find even more freedom and clarity, please join us. There's no cost; it's a gift to celebrate all the good things like the Solstice last week, the full moon, the end of the school year and anything else that comes to mind. 

all the details for the Open House are at this link

Moving along to today’s topic… miraculous healings! I had one this past week which got me to thinking about a similar event a year and a half ago which got me to thinking about another similar event a number of years ago. A pattern emerged and some things started to click.

I made a short video to dive a little deeper and explain what happened with these 3 miraculous healings (all related to back injuries… so interesting).

Watch the video and then c’mon back for the insights.

*See if you can spot the moment where a woman came and sat right next to me while I was filming. Since I can’t imagine doing that, I was momentarily flabbergasted but I think I made a quick recovery.

Now that you got the scoop by watching the video, here are the takeaways:

1- We all have the power to heal ourselves. I’m not a gifted healer; I’m just a regular person who has been consistent with the practices that lead to awakening the inner healer.

2- What practices would those be, you might ask? 

>Central Channel Breathing and Chakra breath patterns which I learned from Dr Sue Morter. I do them every day, no matter what.

>Body Awake Yoga, also from Dr Sue Morter. I get on the mat every day; sometimes for a few sun salutations and sometimes for short or long classes. It’s so good that, of course, I had to get certified to teach it. Try a month for free here.

>9D Breathwork Journeys - these sessions have really amplified my energy at a whole new level.

>I’ve also been doing a lot of BEST/Spiritual BEST sessions (as I’ll be doing at the open house on the 26th) and the practitioner always receives the benefits of giving sessions so I’m sure that’s made a difference as well. 

3- Whatever’s happening in the body, whether it’s an injury, a chronic something, or anything else, it’s only ever stuck energy that’s trying to get your attention so that more divine energy can flow through and take up residence. 

It’s not a problem (even though the mind will have you believing otherwise). It’s an opportunity for expansion. 

We must not beat ourselves up for issues in the body. They are simply activations and invitations to get the energy moving, to love the unloveable, and to enhance our ability to become a vessel of embodiment for higher frequency energies. 

And here are some photos from my gorgeous training route

Here are the stairs I've been climbing in three parts. They just seem to keep going and going and going until the final phase you can see on the right. It's almost like summiting a mountain!

In the next few weeks, I'll have spectacular photos from our adventure and I'm sure there will be all sorts of reflections to share. 

Back to the miraculous healings and takeaways. Do you have any questions? Comments? I’m always just an email away so please feel free to reach out at [email protected]

May vast amounts of divine love flow through your system this week.

With sparkly love and radiant courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>in the midst of dehydrating all sorts of meals for our upcoming West Coast Trail backpacking trip… our house smells strange (like a blend of tapenade, apples, chana masala and cucumber)

>diligently working away at formatting my next book with plans to release it this summer - yippee!

My beloved mentor, Debra Poneman, has a gift I’d like to share with you. 

Lack of restorative sleep has become an epidemic in the western world. 

If you don’t wake up feeling rested, refreshed and energized, go ahead and download this PDF that has tips for high quality sleep.

Click the image below to learn how to experience your best sleep ever.


Continuing along on our journey through my son Oakley’s new album, this week’s selection is called By a Thread. 

I’ve loved experiencing the evolution of this song. 

Oakley often plays at the farmers’ market and at one of the locations, it can be very loud. In his first summer, he really had to work on amplifying his voice because he was frequently in competition with industrial fans, overhead music, the general din of the market and, in one spot, a giant juicing machine. 

With this song, he discovered that he could be heard above all of that noise and it gave him a lot of confidence. People would turn their heads and raise their eyebrows when they heard his impressive belting-out-abilities. 

Eventually, he realized that he didn’t have sing quite so loud for quite so long and then the song changed to this more mellow version. 

The lyrics are beautiful and, I must say, wise beyond his years. 

Have a listen at one of the links below. (You don’t need a paid account to listen on Spotify.)

Listen to By a Thread on iTunes
Listen to By a Thread of Spotify