A Manifesting Story with Tips for You

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2021

As I did my Sacred Success Sunday Review the other day, I was reminded about what an amazing week I just had. That’s one of the things I love about intentionally looking back at the previous week; when it gets put all together, I tend to realize how spectacular life is.

One of my highlights last week was that I got to present a virtual workshop to a group that I’ve been a part of for the last 8 years, first as a participant and now as a coach. The way that this workshop came to pass was a manifesting miracle, so I want to share it with you and highlight the key steps so that you can manifest miracles too. 

I get a miracle! You get a miracle! Miracles for everyone! (Yep, I’m pretty much like Oprah.)

The group I coach for is called Your Year of Miracles (YOM) and there’s a part of the program called the Inner Circle. Every year the Inner Circle has a retreat. A few years ago, I offered to give a session at the retreat because one of my favourite things to do is to facilitate workshops and I knew I had something great to share. That year, Marci Shimoff, the co-creator of YOM said it wasn’t a fit for a number of reasons and so that was that.

Fast forward to this year. In meditation, I kept getting the very small but very persistent nudge to offer to do a session for this year’s Inner Circle retreat.

Important Tip #1: Your intuition might be quiet, but it’s persistent. When you keep getting an idea that comes back over and over and over, pay attention to it.

A part of me wasn’t keen on getting rejected again, so I didn’t take any action on the nudge. However, said nudge got more insistent (evolving to more of a poke or a prod), so finally, one day I wrote a proposal email to Marci and the Director of Operations. 

I didn’t send it. Sometimes I like to write a courageous message and then leave it until I feel like it’s time to send it. In this case, that’s what I did.

The retreat was getting closer and closer and then one day, all of a sudden, I felt inspired to send the email. A quick copy and paste and off it went into the ethers.

Important Tip #2: Inspired Action is the best kind of action to take. It’s not about forcing yourself and pushing through anything. It’s about listening to your intuition and then acting on it without too much thinking. Yes, it definitely took courage, but I didn’t have to “fight through” anything. I just followed my intuition.

Important Tip #3: I’ve learned to be okay regardless of how things turn out when it comes to proposals. That means that I chose to detach from the outcome. Whether it was a fit or not, I knew I would be A-OK. Detachment is oh so important when it comes to manifesting. If you desperately want something, then the feeling that comes across is desperation, which is not very conducive to manifesting. (I know from lots of past experience with the desperation vibe.) The key here is to consciously think through either scenario and know that you will be fine whether you get what you envision or not.

Within minutes of sending the email, I got a phone call from Marci. Basically, she said that if my session could be a movement session, it would be a perfect fit! In fact, she said that she had it on her list of things to do that day to call her friend to see if she could fill the last movement session spot, but my email arrived before Marci got to it, so in essence, the nudge/poke/prod was serendipitous timing. If I would have waited any longer, the spot would have been filled.

Marci asked for a few modifications from my proposal, which I was happy to do and we scheduled it in. Manifestation Miracle Part 1? Check.

Manifestation Miracle Part 2: This past weekend, I got to deliver the session and it was better than I ever could have expected. It was my Hawaiian Healing Dance process, which is an embodied experience of the esoteric Hawaiian healing practice called the Ho’Oponopono. 

Basically the session gets the body involved in forgiveness and letting go so that the mind doesn’t have to do all the work. It’s incredibly powerful. 

I’ve given this workshop dozens of times and I had a plan. Then when I felt into the process before getting started, an additional idea showed up, so I went with the flow and incorporated it. Success!  

Important Tip #4: Be open to how your miracle shows up. You might have something in mind, and it’s also really important to leave room for the Universe to contribute.

Here are some of the cool results from the Hawaiian Healing Dance session.

> there were participants from all over the world, so now I’m calling it World Famous :)

> One participant marvelled at how the practice was both simple and powerful. 

> Another said: That was exquisite - such a wave of grace.

> One woman wrote in: I now understand the Ho’oponopono so much more deeply.

> Another commented: My knees bent and felt fluid!!!

And here are two experiences that touched me deeply:

> One participant said that she had been unable to cry for a long time until she did the Hawaiian Healing Dance session (and since tears are a byproduct of stuck energy being released, crying is a great thing!)

> Another participant had her ailing mother in the room where she did the session virtually. Her mom did as much of the session as she could and the participant said later in the day that it was her mom’s best day in a very long time. 

Important Tip #5: Celebrate! When something amazing happens, share the good news and really internalize it as well. I love Mark Twain’s quote: “I can live off a good compliment for two months.” So here we are… I’m sharing the good news and really feeling it for myself too. When you celebrate, it’s a sign of gratitude and appreciation to the Universe. Woohoo!

There you have it. Miracle manifested. I hope you found the tips helpful. They’ve really helped me bring a lot more miracles into my life and my intention is that you’ll notice a boost in your manifesting powers when you implement them too.

With serendipitous love and magical courage,


Creator of Courageous Self-Care

Facilitator of 'World Famous' Workshops

Expert celebrator of miracles

PS- I’m doing a Hawaiian Healing Dance workshop next week as a drop in session online. For more details click here.