3/4 Year Review Invitation

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2022

I don't know if you've noticed, but 2022 is almost 3/4 of the way through. (How's that for a nice little poem to start things off?)

If you're anything like the old Christina, you might be thinking "who cares"? 

But here's the thing about old Christina:

She used to just go on from one thing to the next, always looking forward, never looking back, and generally feeling overwhelmed along the way. She felt like she was always on the go, running from one thing to the next, and never really feeling adequate at anything. Plus she would have stressed out blow ups on a pretty regular basis. 

That all changed when I decided to become more present by incorporating the ritual of review into my year. And fortunately, I love sharing the ritual with you so that you can feel like you're winning at life too.

I’m hosting a complimentary community call on Saturday Septmeber 24th called The 3/4 Year Review. 

If you feel like: 

  • you’re always on the go 
  • that your life is very busy and stressful
  • there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day 
  • you kind of have that ‘wind-blown look’ 

… then this call will help you get a handle on things.

One of the key teachings in Courageous Self-Care is to create a better relationship with time, and one way to do that is to look to the past with gratitude (rather than regret and doubt) and towards the future with anticipation and excitement (rather than fear and worry).

During this 90ish minute workshop-style call, you’ll get practical experience in honouring what has already happened so far this year, and then we’ll set some intentions for the last quarter of 2022 so that you know what to do next. 

You can expect to leave the call with

  • Increased clarity (so you can make plans that align with your values and thus feel more fulfilled)
  • More energy (because we’ll be doing fun things like dancing and celebrating)
  • A sense of refreshment (because we’ll be taking a break from all the go-go-GO!)
  • The realization that you’ve had more success than you gave yourself credit for

You’ll also feel so organized and proud of yourself for taking action towards the life you really want to be living.

The Details

Date: Saturday September 24

Time: 8am Pacific/ 9am Mountain/ 11am Eastern

Duration: 90ish wonderful minutes (possible closer to 2 hours if we’re really rockin’ it)

Cost: nothing (it's a gift)

How to Join: click the registration link below and you’ll get all the important details by email

What you’ll need for the session: 

-journal and pen

-a nice drink (like lemon water)

-your calendar/planner

-some space to move (because we won’t be sitting the whole time) (I’m adamantly opposed to ‘numb bum’)

-a candle to light if you feel so inclined

I’m really excited to share the powerful process with you (if it’s a fit, of course). If you’re like “Um, no” then you can trust it’s not for you right now.

And if you’re like “I would love to come but I’m already booked,” then please register anyway and I’ll send you a link to the recording. Because I’m nice like that.

Click here to register

With empowered love and abundant courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Always seeking to feel better about the past and the future

>More organized and peacefully productive than ever before thanks to these quarterly reviews

PS - In case you only read PS's, click here to register for the complimentary Courageous Self-Care 3/4 Year Review coming up on Sept 24th. You'll feel so organized and proud of yourself once you've guiding through this fun and powerful session.