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7 Weeks of Courageous Self Care
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7 Weeks of Courageous Self Care

7 Weeks is a self-care online course composed of 7 lessons with video, audio and downloadable documents.

Are you running on empty?

Do you tend to give to everyone but yourself?

Do you spend a lot of your time trying to get everything right?

What if you could turn all of that around in the next 7 weeks by devoting yourself to deep self-care? The kind of self-care that goes beyond bubble baths, chocolate and wine (although you can still partake in those whenever you want!).

The 7 Weeks of Courageous Self-Care Course is designed to help you:

•    Become a pleasure-seeker (to fill your days with more ’get-to’s and less ‘have to’s)

•    Learn the art of surrender (to release the need to do everything yourself)

•    Strengthen your vulnerability muscle (to be able to speak your truth clearly & bravely)

•    Stretch into full self-expression (to confidently share exactly who you are)

•    Experience more freedom (in all aspects of your life)

•    Gain clarity on what you really want out of life (and start taking the steps to get there)

•    Learn how to cherish yourself and feel good about putting yourself first (without guilt)

•    Shift from “Running on Empty” to “Renewable Energy” (to feel refreshed and revitalized by the end of the course)

What You Get:

•    7 x 1 hour Video Recorded Classes with Christina, the Self-Care Expert (from the comfort of my own home)

•    Downloadable Audio Available for Each Module

•    Detailed Notes for Each Module

•    Access to a Cozy Online Community (to share your journey with others)

•    A Weekly Self-Care Challenge (so that you can fill your own cup first)

What people are saying about 7 Weeks of Courageous Self-Care:

"I really enjoyed the course and I am so grateful for all the valuable tools I now have to help with emotional and physical stability." ~Krista

"I always felt like I had a boost of energy after each session!" ~Mary

"The course was well-researched and organized." ~Cindy

 What people are saying about Christina:

"Christina is grounded, guided, original, delightful, intuitive, passionate, graceful, permission-giving and immensely loving." ~Luna

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