Learn How to Go from Running on Empty to Renewable Energy
Home Study Course

Self-Care is not what you think. It is a fundamental building block to your success, how you live your life, and to your energy levels. It is the essential thing you must figure out to be productive and peaceful at the same time.

In this course, women's empowerment coach and #1 international bestselling author Christina Marlett walks you through 6 deep-dive, powerful modules that will help you understand how Courageous Self-Care can alter your life for the better.

Christina spent 10 years studying personal development, quantum physics, spirituality, healing, embodiment, and what it really takes to get intelligent women to prioritize their well-being over the long term. She delivers you the tools to truly find harmony between productivity and peace, which will significantly impact all areas of your life.

Stop looking at self-care casually. You deserve a more productive and peaceful life. Take action today.