Why your inner peace will change the world

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2024

Is there a part of you that likes to secretly eavesdrop?

I certainly have one!

If you feel the same way, here's a provocative little conversation where you can be a fly on the wall:

Wise Human: Do you think global peace is possible?

Young Grasshopper (also a human - don’t let the title of grasshopper lead you astray): Mmmm…. Yes? I think so.

Wise Human: I see. I admire your optimism. Would you say you’re peaceful in all of your relationships?

Young Grasshopper: Ha ha ha! No - definitely not. 

WH: Not even in your own family?

YG: Nope. Some of those relationships are the most challenging. There are people in my family who really push my buttons.

WH: If you don’t feel peaceful in your most intimate relationships, how could you ever hope for global peace?

YG: Good point. 

WH: What about your relationship with yourself?

YG: What about it?

WH: Do you feel peaceful about yourself most of the time? Some of the time? Rarely? Do you feel relaxed and calm, even in chaos? Or do you feel stressed out more often than not?

YG: Huh… I never thought about it that way. Say more.

WH: Do you get triggered easily? React to things people do or people say? Feel angry and don’t know what to do with it?

YG: Yep. All of those things.

WH: Here’s the thing and listen carefully. If we want to work toward global peace, the place we need to start is with ourselves. That’s the fast track. 

YG: Hmm. I can see that. 

WH: Same thing with fear. If we can learn to have more inner peace than anger or fear, we’re most of the way there because your inner experience becomes your outer experience. 

YG: That’s amazing! I always thought global peace was something other people had to do. I didn’t know I was involved.

WH: You sure are. Every single person who cultivates more peace on the inside has a global impact. 

YG: I feel so empowered! 

*Cue sentimental music. Strings probably. 

YG: Thank you for showing me the way of inner peace.

WH: You’re welcome.

And they walk off together into the sunset with crickets chirping and a flock of well-placed geese flying overhead as the first star makes an appearance. Actually, it would probably be doves to go along with the peace theme. Do doves fly in flocks? I’m not sure but for our purposes, let’s go with yes. 


The Moral

You can indeed make a difference! To yourself, in all your relationships and on a global scale. Wowee, right?!?

How can you cultivate more inner peace?

It couldn’t be easier.

Step 1: Register for the upcoming 4-week series Inner Peace for Global Peace (all the details are here)

Step 2: Show up for four consecutive Tuesdays starting on April 30 (or just do the replays if Tuesdays are already crowded for you)

Week 1: Yoga for Peace

Week 2: Inner Peace guided meditation

Week 3: Healing Transmission to release subconscious blocks that are getting in the way of your inner peace

Week 4: Dance for Peace

*No experience or skill necessary for any part of the series

*You don’t have to dance or yoga in front of your camera

Step 3: Do the replays a few times in between the classes - whatever your schedule allows

Step 4: Be amazed as anger, fear, triggers and reactive behaviours dissipate and you become more and more peaceful 

Step 5: Marvel that - with no extra effort- your vibration of increased peace ripples out into the world

Early bird deadline ends today. Use the coupon code: SERENITYNOW 

Click here to learn more and to register

I’m excited to cultivate more inner peace with you.

With tranquil love and flourishing courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Now the song Earlybird by Shirley Temple is in my head. That was my first tap dance ever. I was 5 years old. And quite adorable, I must say. 

>Making plans to do a spring cleanse later this week. My kids were horrified to hear that there will be daily asparagus. Paul and I told them it's good to get uncomfortable and do hard things.  

If you read these emails regularly, you’ll know that I talk about my mentor, Dr Sue Morter, A LOT. That’s because her message is so aligned and powerful. 

Dr Sue has answered every question I’ve ever had about how the Universe works and I always nod my head, thinking, “Yes, I knew that on some level. That makes perfect sense. 

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In keeping with the Inner Peace theme, I’m sharing a U2 song that feels applicable called Get Out of Your Own Way. I love to sing along and harmonize to this one. As with so many U2 songs, the lyrics are great food for thought. 

Listen to Get Out of Your Own Way by U2 on iTunes

Listen to Get Out of Your Own Way by U2 on Spotify