Want more abundance in your life?

Uncategorized May 21, 2024

Exciting news!

I got a new certification recently and I think you’ll be verrrrrry interested.

A few months ago, I was doing a talk at the Red Deer Teachers convention and one of my participants told me about a fantastic breathwork class she had been to that helps amplify abundance. 

Within a few weeks of doing the process, she said, she received several unexpected cheques. (Three cheers for unexpected cheques, right?!?)

I was curious and very interested in this 9D Breathwork she spoke of and so I checked out the website. 

A short while later, I signed up to become certified. My intuition just wouldn’t let it go. 

I’ve done all sorts of breathwork journeys and processes over the years so I already knew how powerful it is. 

I put a lot of faith in 9D because I hadn’t actually done any of their journeys yet, but from what I saw, read and heard in my research, it all felt exactly right.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do the first journey and - OMG - it was far and away beyond any breathwork I had done previously. 

Why? A number of reasons.

Reason #1

9D means that there are 9 elements embedded in each journey. 

1-First off, the music is exceptional - world-class even. 

2-It contains Solfeggio frequencies, which help balance the body’s energy. Some specific examples are: liberation of fear and guilt, spiritual transformation, healing physical and emotional pain, heightening intuition, expanding consciousness and enlightenment, stimulating the pineal gland for amplified connection, and breaking old patterns for positive change. 

3-There is guided vocal coaching throughout the entire experience to help challenge and reframe old beliefs.

4-The sound is multi-dimensional, meaning that it comes from every direction. To me, it felt like my brain was being massaged. This kind of sound experience helps to create a greater inner world.

5-The journeys involve somatic breathwork, meaning the body releases trapped energy in a way that the mind could never do alone. Rather than work on the stories written by the mind, you go straight to the energy and the subconscious so that real transformation occurs. 

6-There is harmonic tuning which helps amplify harmony between the body, nature, the cosmos and beyond. It’s extremely expansive and helps you feel deeply connected. 

7-Another feature of 9D Breathwork is binaural brain entrainment, meaning that harmony is promoted across the brain hemispheres. 

8-Isochronic tones are incorporated and you should care about that because they help increase brain wellness, give you better focus and assist in overcoming issues.

9-Finally, embedded in the experience is subliminal hypnotic therapy. The process helps you get into a theta state where the mind is open. New ideas and positive suggestions get right in there, bypassing the analytical mind, so that you receive new beliefs that will better support you.

So, all that put together means that the breathwork experience was beautiful, exceptionally powerful and super effective. 

Reason #2

My personal experience was that during the last third of the 75-minute journey, I experienced a profound sense of gratitude, unlike anything I’d ever felt before. 

And I’ve had many moments of really, really deep gratitude.

What I felt on the 9D journey blew them all out of the water. It was pure bliss. It was enchanting. These words, although powerful and descriptive, don’t even come closer to conveying what I felt. It was… indescribable. 

Reason #3

You’re probably wondering about results. 

Let me just say that I did the Abundance Journey in April and it was one of my most profitable months ever (with far less clients and way less time working that ever before). So I’d say it worked pretty well!

Not to mention that I’ve also been experiencing an abundance of spaciousness in my life, along with amplified love, connection, harmony, inner peace and possibility. 

Down the road, I’m going to be offering in-person breathwork sessions and in the meantime, the great news is that they can be done virtually as well. 

You’re Invited

Are you looking for amplified abundance in your life? 

A breathwork journey is the fastest and most effective way I know to do that. 

I’ll be hosting the first group 9D breathwork session on Zoom and you’re invited. 

Who’s It For?

  • This offering is meticulously crafted to assist individuals who are confronting obstacles related to financial abundance, whether it be long-held beliefs about scarcity, feelings of undeservingness, or judgments about money and wealth. 
  • It provides a fertile ground for those desiring to usher in greater prosperity and abundance in their lives, offering a chance to unearth and engage with their inherent ability to attract wealth.
  • Through this breathwork experience, participants can dissolve money blocks and form a more empowering, positive relationship with their financial selves.

Some Things to Know

1- If you’ve never done somatic breathwork before, it’s important to know that it’s no walk in the park. It’s uncomfortable. Emotions come up. The body might do weird things while it releases stuck emotions. And it’s all so worth it. 

2- It’s very, very safe. Unless someone is on heavy-duty medication for something like schizophrenia (in which case they shouldn’t do a breathwork journey), it’s safe for everyone else. 

3- Headphones/AirPods are required so you can benefit from all the sound technologies.

4- To join the journey, you would need to set up your device so that I can see you in a reclined position on the floor. Generally, people lie on a yoga mat (or just the floor) and use a small pillow under the head and maybe a bolster or rolled-up towel under the knees. A thin blanket or scarf over the body is also nice.

5- You are in charge of your journey; the captain of your own ship. The body knows exactly what to do and all you need to do is lean in, persist and then receive all the benefits. 

6- Thousands of people all over the world have done 9D breathwork journeys and the consistent feedback is that it’s the most powerful and effective thing they’ve ever done. 

7- There are all sorts of other journeys with different themes that I’ll be offering down the road. Next week, I’ll share the amazing things that happened during the Letting Go journey. 

8- Important: you don’t want to do the journey on a full stomach so don’t eat for 4 hours prior (there’s a 25-30 minute intro for the session)

If all of that is sounding like a “Yes Please!” to you, see below for the details. 

Introductory Offer (aka lowest price this offer will ever have)

Choose from the two date options:

Date: Sunday May 26 

Time: 8am Pacific/ 9am Mountain/ 10am Central/ 11am Eastern

Length: 2 hours

Where: on Zoom

Investment: $75 CAD (introductory offer - moving forward it will be $97)

Click here to register (CAD)

Click here to register (USD)


Date: Wednesday May 29

Time: 2pm Pacific/ 3pm Mountain/ 4pm Central/ 5pm Eastern

Length: 2 hours

Where: on Zoom

Investment: $75 CAD (introductory offer - moving forward it will be $97)

Click here to register (CAD)

Click here to register (USD)

If you’re ready to dive into expanding abundance, click one of the links below to register. I’m so excited to guide you through the journey.

May 26 CAD

May 26 USD

May 29 CAD

May 29 USD


Let me know by reply email. 

With enlightened love and amplified courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Your very enthusiastic, newly certified 9D Breathwork Facilitator!!!

>Fawning over all the gorgeous spring flowers that bloomed this week 

PS - Prefer to do a private 1:1 journey with personal guidance? It's $300 CAD and you can book a time by emailing [email protected]

Cassava flour!

Over the last year, our family has been reducing gluten and cassava flour has become a wonderful ally.

We use it instead of rice flour which means: no more grainy texture! Hooray! 

Generally, we use oat flour and then a bit of cassava flour.

Paul also made cassava flour tortillas and they were delicious!

I’ve been ordering mine from Amazon. 

This week’s song is like a constant friend in my life; one who reminds me of how magical life is, along with the power of gratitude.

It’s slow, it’s mellow, it’s deep and I love it so much.

Madeleine Peyroux is one of our favourite artists. Paul and I had the pleasure of hearing her live several years ago and her voice wrapped around us like a cozy sweater. 

If you could use a musical friend right now, allow me to introduce you to (or remind you of) This Is Heaven to Me. It is heavenly, indeed. 

Listen to This Is Heaven To Me by Madeleine Peyroux on iTunes

Listen to This Is Heaven To Me by Madeleine Peyrous on Spotify