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Uncategorized May 23, 2023

I love to laugh. I place a very high value on the things that tickle my funny bone because joy, hilarity and light-heartedness are the vibrations where I want to hang out. When things get super challenging, I do my best to find the levity in the situation because truly, what else can you do?

When we were in Mexico recently and had some challenges with our son, Oakley, my husband and I were discussing what to do and we brought a lot of humour into the situation. Our daughter, Zoe, said, “I don’t think you guys are taking this seriously enough.” 

We loved that she was looking out for her brother and said so. We also said, “If we don’t laugh about it, it would just make a challenging situation even worse. And we’ve worked very hard to get to a place where we can have fun and find the comedy, even in the tougher moments. I don’t think she agreed but at least she saw a new point of view. 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a lot of darkness around in terms of what’s being put out in the world of the arts and that’s always a great indication of where people are at vibrationally. 

If you look at the current offerings of movies, there aren’t a whole lot of comedies right now. 

Some people think that when there are people suffering in the world that it’s irresponsible to have fun. It’s actually the exact opposite. 

If you partake in the fear, anger, stress, etc, you’re actually contributing to more of the same. If you can rise above, find joy, laugh and celebrate, you’re making the biggest difference possible. 

So that’s what I chose to do, as often as possible. After all, the Universe vibrates with the energies of celebration, joy, delight and happiness. The more we can join in, the more we’re in alignment with Spirit/God/Creator/Infinite Intelligence. 

Here are a couple of things I saw around town that made me laugh recently. I hope you’ll enjoy them too. (A huge clap of thunder just sounded as I wrote that. I’m loving the irony.)

The Carwash

Here’s a sign from a local carwash. Look! They’re not only accepting credit and debit… apparently you can also pay for your car wash with a new vacuum cleaner. (Don’t try to pay with an old vacuum cleaner, thought; that’s just rude.)

The Coyote

This past long weekend, Paul, Oakley and I went for a bike ride. We zipped by this sign and had to go back because I loved it so much.

Now I have a whole new appreciation for coyotes. They have all been elevated to magical status in my eyes. 

The Pothole

The last thing I don’t have a photo for but here’s what happened. While on my way home from dropping Zoe off at school, I went around a little traffic circle. This was just after the ice and snow thawed and it had been a very cold winter. On the right side of the circle, there was a huge pothole. (This isn’t the funny part.)

The next day, inside the giant pothole, there was a tall pylon, presumably to alert drivers to the fact that there was a huge hole in the road. 

The following day is when I laughed. The pylon was crushed inside the pothole. I guess someone missed both the vibrant orange AND the giant hole in the road. 

Now I laugh every time I go by that spot. Thank you careless driver. You made my day!

May you have a week filled with humorous moments, both big and small. 

With amusing love and comical courage, 


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Proud mom of graduating daughter this week (send me good wishes of stamina for making it through the 4 hour ceremony where I will watch 699 students I don’t know walk across the stage)

>Planning on doing huge amounts of Central Channel breathing during those 4 hours

This weekend, we went to see What’s Love Got to Do with It and it was fantastic! I highly recommend this new movie. 

It’s about a young woman, Zoe, (Lily James) who is a documentary filmmaker and her neighbour who she’s grown up with. He comes from a Pakistani family and decides to do an assisted marriage so Zoe films the journey. 

It is such a poignant story about keeping up appearances, every child’s desire to make their parents proud and the fear and victory of letting people into one’s life and heart. 

The film is visually stunning and it’s just a lovely story about real people. Emma Thompson plays Zoe’s mom and is hilarious. (I always have to google her to make sure I didn’t mix her up with Emma Watson.)

Anyway… great movie with a timely message.

Do you know Daniel Lanois? He’s a Canadian musician who is also a producer for U2. His music is stunning. He has a huge repertoire and it’s all very pleasing to the ear and heart. 

In this week’s Sacred Success Sunday Review that I facilitated, we listened and danced to one of his songs for our embodied gratitude experience and I was reminded of how much I love him. 

(Interestingly, when my parents used to play his music when I was in Grade 6 in French Immersion, I did not love him at all. He sang in French which was way beneath my perceived level of coolness so I shunned Daniel Lanois. I now see the error of my ways. He is a genius.)

Here’s a gorgeous song. Please enjoy The Maker by clicking the link below on your preferred listening platform. 

Click here to listen to The Maker on iTunes

Click here to listen to The Maker on Spotify