The ONLY Reason Fear Ever Shows Up

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2024

Greetings and great day to you!

Before we get into the fear thing, just a quick little reminder that the Inner Peace for Global Peace 4-week course begins today. You can attend live on zoom if you’re available or access the replays (for the rest of your life!) (whenever you need more inner peace!) 

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And now: onto the ONLY reason fear ever shows up. (Apart from the run-for-your-life-kind-of-fear. It’s pretty evident why that shows up.)

I learned this fantastic and helpful truth about fear from my mentor, Dr Sue Morter. (See the Christina Recommends Section below for a free meditation she made.)

When fear shows up in regular, every day life, it’s great news because it means you’re following your heart more than your head. 

Of course, the protective part of the mind will have 1072 explanations for the fear and they will all be very convincing. 

However, they are all tricks made up to keep things the same because for that lovely little ego, the same = safe. Familiar is good. Even familiar is wildly uncomfortable and about as far away from your dreams as possible, it’s still appealing for the protective primitive brain. 

The thing the mind fears the most is the unknown and when the heart takes over to run the show, the mind isn’t sure what will happen. It doesn’t know who you will be in an expanded vibration. Hence… fear.

Just knowing the origin of that fear has been so helpful for me. It helps me remember that anything the mind makes up is just a trick; a lie, and we can acknowledge the mind for the lovely job it’s trying to do and then move forward in the direction of the heart anyway. 

How can you know if it’s the mind or the heart speaking to you?

A few tips for you

The heart will:

  • Occur to you first
  • Be quiet, soft and whispery
  • Come in “like a cloud”
  • Show up over and over like a little idea tapping you on the shoulder
  • Be neutral or positive toward you
  • Guide you to take action on ideas that lift up humanity

The Ego/Protective Personality will:

  • Show up immediately after the heart speaks 
  • Be easier to hear and more insistent
  • Come in “like thunder and lightning” (which is why it’s easier to hear)
  • Say things to you that have worked in the past to prevent you from taking action on your inner guidance
  • Be negative and usually make you feel bad about yourself 

Useful to know, right?

So - what to do with the fear?

There are many teachings out there that suggest we need to CONQUER THE FEAR because we are AT WAR WITH THE EGO.

That’s a bit intense, though, and it’s also an old paradigm.

Instead, when fear shows up, the most impactful thing you can do is to pour some love in. 

Put your hand on your heart and say something like, “Part of me that feels scared, I notice that you’re here. I accept you. I”m pouring love into you because I’m practicing loving all the different parts of myself unconditionally.”

You want to love that fear like you would a beloved child or animal. 

I had a client recently say, “But if I’m not hard on myself, who will be?”

To which I replied, “Here’s the thing. Not once, ever, in all the history of the world and humanity, has criticism and harshness had the intended result. Not toward others and not toward ourselves either.”


Love is the universal solvent. It dissolves anything unlike itself. 

The more you practice loving the fear (and anything else uncomfortable that shows up) the more it will melt and dissolve, leaving you free to follow the guidance of your heart. 

Of course, you’re going to need to pour love in over and over. It’s not a one-and-done kind of thing. And it’s certainly better to pour in love hundreds of times than to criticize yourself hundreds of times or suppress the fear hundreds of times. 

Makes good sense, right?

To Recap

Fear shows up when the mind notices you’re following the heart more than the protective personality/ego.

That part of the mind fears the unknown and doesn’t want to surrender its grip on you. 

It sends you all sorts of tricks and lies to keep things exactly the same. 

When you notice the fear, rather than trying to make it go away or get rid of it, love it and it will gradually melt and dissolve. 

Fear is never a problem. It’s a great sign that you’re up to something important and significant. 

I hope that information is helpful for you and my wish is that you’ll begin (or continue) to pour as much love into yourself as possible. All the parts. Especially the ones you’d rather get rid of. 

Because parts deserve love too!

Here’s to taking inspired action that uplifts humanity and makes our world a better place. 

With inspired love and expansive courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Loving the fear that is persistently showing up as I complete two new certifications so that I can serve you even better… stay tuned!

>In the middle of a 9-day cleanse - I’ll share how it goes when I’m done. (Is it weird to ask you to send me cleansing luck and blessings? The jury’s still out. I’ll leave that one up to you.)

As promised earlier, here’s the 11-minute meditation to activate healing that Dr. Sue has graciously allowed me to share with you.

Dr Sue says:

You are a Powerful Creator. You are a Healer.

In times of uncertainty, like the times we're facing now, it's easy to get anxious and afraid.

So it’s vital to reactivate our innate creative essence – and remind ourselves of the Truth of who we are. 

Worry…Thought…Analysis…Doubt…Fear…Confusion…These things are not who you are. 

You are a Healer. 

During this 11-minute meditation you will call the Truth of who You are – a Powerful Healer – to surface into the out-picturing in your life. As this occurs, get ready for remarkable things to follow. 

Click here to access the meditation

My kids always say listening to the music on my phone is an adventure. They ask me to skip the songs a lot because they’re not always up for meditative music or a teaching from The 5 Love Languages (just some examples that showed up on today’s drive). 

However, this song made the cut while driving Oakley to martial arts. It’s very soothing and I love the nature sounds set amidst the relaxing tones. Even the name is great; Blanket of Buttercups by Dean and Dudley Evenson. 

If you could use a few moments of calm and comfort, I recommend this song (and the whole album).

Listen to Blanket of Buttercups by Dean and Dudley Evenson on iTunes

Listen to Blanket of Buttercups by Dean and Dudley Evenson on Spotify