The New Mary Poppins is Helping Me Get Out of a Trap

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2019

Oh my gosh, I just got Blog-Anxiety. I didn't know that was a thing until just now. Usually I write a letter to my community and then turn it into a blog. Today, because my to-do list said 'Blog', I decided to compose it on the Blog page and then turn it into a letter. There is a surprising tightness in my chest resulting from that decision. In fact, I'm going to switch over to writing a letter while I take some deep breaths.

Ahhh, much better. 

Dear You,

I think this may be our first interaction of the new year. I'm pretty sure it is, because I've made 3 podcast episodes since the holidays and didn't tell you.

Which leads me to...

Heeeellllpppp! I've fallen into the dangerous trap called "Make Great Stuff and Keep It a Secret". I don't know if you know about that trap, but it's a very sneaky one for me.

I've happily been setting up my vision for the year, getting clear on what I want to do between now and December 31, 2019, and diligently putting it into action. And then keeping it to myself. Sigh. 

The word "Blog" has been on my nice new fresh list I started on January 2. And for some reason, I've been doing all the other things and relegating 'Blog' to the bottom.

But as the new Mary Poppins* says, "It's today or never." And so here I am in your inbox. Hello!

*I happen to love the new Mary Poppins. When I was in high school, I babysat a pair of boys who insisted we watch the original Mary Poppins every time I went over. I'm sorry, but I got so worn out with the penguin pants and the floating laughing song that the new movie was a refreshing change. It gets rave reviews from me!**

**I don't know if other people like the new Mary Poppins or not. I only heard from my father-in-law that the word on the street is that Emily Blunt didn't get enough screen time. I'm pretty sure I saw her in almost every scene, so I was satisfied. And the dance that replaced the chimney sweep one made me want to stand up and cheer. 

Back to making great stuff. I've already taken a couple of super courses this year; one from Brendon Burchard (@brendonburchard) called Transformation Week and a Creative Writing for the Internet course by Ash Ambirge (@ashambirge). 

I learned some very useful things.

1. From Brendon, I unearthed a really deep desire guiding me to be of more service. I noticed that I want to do lots of writing, Facebook live videos and create something unique with my Facebook Community. More on that another time.

2. From Ash, I polished up my funny bone (apparently they can tarnish, you know) and learned about something called Creative Editing. I was literally crying tears of joy during the workshop because a powerful longing was being reawakened. It was a longing all mixed up with creativity, humour, playfulness and power. It was complicated. And wonderful.

Ever since those two courses, I have been so happy. My son, Oakley, said to me this morning, "Mommy, I love how you're using funny voices so often."

I've been wiggling and shaking around the house on breaks from my computer and running across my bed when I need something that's on the other side. 

To me, these unexpected behaviours reinforce the benefit of - hand on a sec... my timer is going, reminding me to get up and wiggle and stop staring at the laptop screen...

Screenshot for proof. Yes, I have a reminder that says Wiggle and Shake:


I totally went there. High School Musical 3. I haven't tried a wiggly waltz before. That was invigorating and strange.

Anyways, I think I was making a point but I'm going to move on to what I really wanted to say, which is:

I've made 3 new podcast episodes and I spent a lot of time making them groovy by adding extra music. It took waaaay longer, especially since I decided to learn a new software at the same time, but I'm happy with the results.

If any of the titles intrigue you, go ahead and have a listen. All 3 episodes are full of spectacular ideas and insights, things that will make you go hmmmm and, of course, actionable items you can do right away to give you the energy to run across your bed too. (I highly recommend zooming across said piece of furniture by foot. It's very enjoyable. And squishy.)

The Podcasts (announced with flugelhorn fanfare)

Option 1: The Perils of Perfectionism (this episode doesn't have all the fun music, but I do share some things that I would rather have kept to myself. It was hard.)

Option 2: The Downside of Optimism (fun new musical interludes included, along with what I learned about my optimistic tendency that wasn't serving me)

Option 3: Gettin' Jiggy with Abundance (more musical interludes plus some clever ways to feel like you've got plenty)

You can click any of the links above to listen to the podcast, or you can find it as The Courageous Self-Care Podcast on Spotify, iTunes or iHeart Radio.

I'm about to feel so much better once I get this letter off to you. I absolutely love the physical action of checking something off my list, don't you? It's right up there with clipping my toenails after they've gotten out of control. That feels goooood.

Thanks for reading! I'll be in touch again soon! Because I have a giant list of topics I want to write about this year! I'm so excited! And I'm also embarking on a book-writing project! More on that another time!

And a special thanks to the new Mary Poppins. I like her motto.

Lots of love,