The CSC List: My Absolute Favourite Lip Balm

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2022

Occasionally, I like to share products that I adore and I’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you about this one. 

My good friend, Adrienne Furrie, has created what I believe to be the best lip balm ever. 

Here’s why:

First of all - the girth!

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a girthy lip balm tube, but I’m telling you, once you’ve gone big, it’s impossible to go back to those spindly little ones. 

There’s just something about a nice thick lip balm coating your smackers that is super satisfying. 

First of all (I know this is the second point, but it’s equally as important as the previous one, so it still gets number one status) - it’s organic!

Our home is pretty much chemical-free. We don’t use any cleaners or skin care products that are harmful to our bodies or the earth and so I’m extremely thrilled that this wonderful lip balm fits the bill. 

Next win - the packaging is compostable AND beautiful

I love a zero waste situation and when it makes me happy every time I look at it, I consider that a job well done. I know the packaging took A LOT of work for Adrienne, and so I appreciate that she didn’t give up and settle for less. 

Also important - it’s smooth and minty

If you choose the minty one, you’ll find that it goes on in a very appealing way and then there’s a nice minty tingle. 

And Lastly - there are tinted options

Let’s say you have high standards and so want your lip balm to do double duty; namely moisturize and give a little hint of colour. This lip balm does it all! The tinted ones aren't minty, but they are magical.

Bonus Goodness - it’s local

If you’re somewhere in the Calgary area, this lovely lip balm will be local for you. I always say (although you’ve probably never actually heard me say this) if there’s a local option, that’s my choice. I’m a big supporter of anything that doesn’t have to do with big boxes and corporations, so that’s why this lip balm gets another thumbs up. (I think we’re at about 8 thumbs up by now.)

If you’re in search of a girthy, minty, organic, moisturizing, minty, aesthetically pleasing lip balm, I know you’ll love this one. I have tubes stashed all over the place - in various purses, in my bathroom and beside my bed. 

And by the way, I’m sharing this product just because I love it, not because Adrienne asked me to, or because I’ll make a commission on each sale. I just think it’s important to get the word out about great products, especially when I can support a friend.

If you’re on board, you can click this link to get to Adrienne’s site.

In other local news (if you’re not in the Calgary area, you can skip this part), I’m going to be teaching some live yoga classes at Healwell Ayurveda in the NE. These classes will be really intimate with limited space so if you’re not down with huge numbers, and you’re over everything being on zoom, this is a great option.

New to Body Awake Yoga? Here’s why it’s so transformative:

Body Awake Yoga combines the power of breath, asana (poses), mind and spirit to awaken your life force and the healer within. As you practice this style of yoga, you’ll notice that your life improves both on and off the mat because you’re raising the vibration of your body to become a match to the high frequency energy of your higher self and the Divine. 

As you become more embodied, you’ll notice that it becomes easier to let go of what no longer serves you, to feel more confident and to access, follow, and trust your intuition. You’ll discover increased flexibility in your body and in your approach to life. You’ll also have more energy, less stress and greater strength. Body Awake Yoga is appropriate for all levels of students. 

Live classes will be offered starting this week on Sunday mornings from 11am-12pm and Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm, for $15 per class. 

Interested? Click this link, fill out the contact form with the date and time you would like to attend and the Healwell Staff will get back to you. It would be so fun to get together in person!

May you have a week filled with all the things that delight you.

With colossal love and inherent courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Constant wearer of Adrienne’s lip balm

>So grateful to be partaking in live experiences again

PS - There have been a shocking number of requests for another Energy Codes Book Study and so I’m obliging. We’ll get started mid-May. More details next week.