Self-Care Lessons from Pasta

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2021

The other day, I was making dinner and pasta was on the menu. I reached into our (spectacularly organized and visually appealing) pantry (three cheers for everything I learned about creating beautiful spaces from the Home Edit) and pulled out a package that my husband must have picked up at a local Italian market, because it was the first time I saw that brand of pasta. It was a curious combo of orecchiette (ear shaped pasta which is admittedly, a little weird) and some rolled up tubes.

Because I hadn’t seen this kind of pasta before, I checked out the instructions and was so delighted that I have to share them with you. 

The important things to note:

I felt differently about this pasta than any other time I’ve prepared it, because the instructions mentioned the care that was taken to create the pasta, along with some of the other people involved. Because it was brought to my attention, I treated the pasta with more reverence.

Cooking this pasta was described as an adventure, which resulted in my cooking experience being more fun and enjoyable.

I felt like a partner in the pasta cooking process because the instructions told me I would need to collaborate. They promised delicious pasta, as long as I was attentive, and let me tell you, I’ve never paid so much attention to pasta; stirring it, making sure the water was continuously boiling, adding salt (which I almost never do). I felt inspired to have a memorable pasta cooking experience.

Don’t you just love this line: HER MAJESTY THE PASTA cannot wait!

I have never thought of pasta as being regal, but these instructions created a whole new appreciation for this food. And guess what? It tasted different. It tasted exceptional. All because of perspective.

My husband said, “What if we treated ourselves like we treated that pasta?” Insightful question, right?

What if you treated yourself like royalty? What if you put extra care and attention into yourself, just because you’re that deserving? (And if you have doubts about being deserving, let’s just go with: If you’re breathing, you’re deserving.) What if you were attentive to your own needs? What if you treated collaborating with your highest self as an adventure? What if you lightened up and had more fun?

I often think about the phrase: you teach others how to treat you. Would it be possible for you to raise the bar in how you treat yourself? In how you speak to yourself? In what you expect from yourself? 

I invite you to regard yourself like the makers of this pasta treat their creation. With reverence. With sacredness. With love. Imagine the possibilities...

With tortellinis of love and cannellonis of courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Occasional eater of pasta

>Considering wearing a crown