Relaxing Chaos in Mexico & Energy Codes Book Study

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2023

First off, in case you don’t want to hear about adventures in Mexico and just want to get to the upcoming Energy Codes Book Study info, here it is. (But let me just say that without practicing what I learned in the Energy Codes, our recent trip to Mexico would have been way more chaos and way less relaxing.)

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Now, if you’d like to hear about how a holiday can be relaxing amidst chaos, read on.

Up until this year, my kids and husband have been in separate school systems, meaning that they never had the same Spring Break. This year, for the first and last time (Zoe’s in Grade 12), they all had the same holiday which made me declare: We’re doing something special!

I arranged a holiday to Present Moment Resort in Southern Mexico (see the Christina Recommends section below for all the splendid details of our destination).

It was spectacular. We left snow, ice, freezing temperatures and grayscale behind for a week in paradise. The birds showered us with foreign calls. The waves mesmerized our eyes and ears. The flowers lined the pathways around the pool and bungalows. Best of all, there was almost nothing to do. No TVs, no schedules, no cooking, no organizing, no cleaning. 

The biggest decisions involved asking questions like, “Shall I read in the rocking chair or the hammock? Want to walk down the beach to the left or the right? Are we going to swim in the pool or the ocean? Yoga at 9am or 4pm?” Aaah. Heaven.

The days stretched on luxuriously. There was just so much time and space. We stayed for 8 glorious days. Towards the last day, my daughter, Zoe, mentioned that someday we would laugh at the ills that befell upon us (yes, she used those words; she’s playing Lady Macbeth in her school play and so we hear a lot of fancy language these days). 

For a moment I was confused. I didn’t know what ills she was talking about. I had been so focused on all the great parts of the trip that the other parts (the chaos) had already faded into distant memory.

When I reflected on it, though, I realized that an older version of me (pre-Energy Codes) would have had a very different trip. Here’s why:

  • I had excruciating ear pain on the flight there. Eventually, it resolved itself, but if you have ever had ear pain, you know it’s very… well… painful.
  • The first couple of days, my son, Oakley, was quite sick and his mind got carried away. He was convinced he would not make it home. That was fun.
  • My family was not quite as enamoured with the open-air bungalows as I was. Apparently, they would have preferred a door on the bathroom and full walls on the building. (We had total privacy and we just had to take turns in the bathroom so it wasn’t a problem in my mind. I had been there before so I knew what to expect but I hadn’t conveyed those details so they were surprised initially.)
  • The surfing lessons my husband was so excited about weren’t quite what he expected and he didn’t get to sleep in as he had anticipated due to their early departure time. 
  • My kids missed their friends. A lot. Although they had repeatedly expressed the desire to travel over the last many years, it was harder than they anticipated being separated from their peeps.
  • The retreat location has serious healing energy so it brought up a lot of things for Paul, Zoe and Oakley. They were aware of what was happening but that didn’t necessarily make it any easier. Tears, fears, ‘what if’s’ and doubts abounded. 
  • The one local ATM only worked occasionally due to power outages. 
  • After a shower one day, I stepped on a wasp. I thought it was a sliver but it turned out to be a sting. Over the next few days, it was so itchy that it prevented sleep.
  • I also got a constellation of not-mosquito-bites that joined the itchiness festivities.
  • Zoe got a rash on her hands and feet (probably from heat) and then she got a touch of heat stroke. 
  • Our bathroom sink flooded.

There were many, many opportunities to take things personally, get defensive or feel hurt but thanks to what I learned in the Energy Codes, I stayed in my own energy. The breathwork, the yoga and the mindset strategies helped me to stay present and supportive when necessary and then completely let go of everything that didn’t serve me.

That’s why I really had to reflect to realize that there was a significant amount of chaos on our trip. I had been experiencing so much joy, relaxation and peace that it didn’t ruin the trip at all. 

The difference between the Energy Codes and other strategies I’ve used in the past is that the Energy Codes practices are all about embodiment. It’s not just about knowing something intellectually; it’s about living it so that it really transforms your life. 

A few other things that helped on the trip that have become embodied due to my daily Energy Codes practices include:

  • Being able to embrace what is rather than being attached to what I thought “should” have happened
  • Going with the flow
  • Putting energy on what I intended rather than on what I didn’t want
  • Healing pain
  • Pouring love into every situation
  • Getting the most out of every yoga class, even if a teaching style wasn’t to my liking
  • Not needing to fix, solve or control anything, especially my family’s experiences
  • Connecting with nature more profoundly than I’ve previously experienced
  • Doing breathwork in moments of anger, frustration, disappointment, etc to integrate the emotions rather than stewing over them for hours or days

As a result focusing more on the celebrations and wins, I was able to connect deeply with my family. We had exceptional meals by the ocean, either under the umbrellas or the stars and moonlight. We laughed, talked, told stories and shared with each other. We played games in the pool and frolicked in the waves (Oakley’s exact words). 

The last breakfast ended up being just me and the ocean. It was so nurturing to watch the waves and soak in the abundance. Regardless of what transpired on the trip, the main thing I left with was immense gratitude.

May you have a week filled with connection, love and embodiment.

With vast love and grounded courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Conquering the post-trip laundry

>Still looking for Ricardo to serve me my morning smoothie


As you may have read above, we just returned from a week in Mexico. The resort where we stayed is what I want to share with you this week because there is nothing like it. I first discovered Present Moment about ten years ago at a retreat I attended. It was the first holiday I had ever taken where I actually felt refreshed, revitalized and ready to go home. 

The resort is on a mostly undiscovered pristine beach just outside the little village of Troncones. You can walk and walk and walk in either direction and barely see anyone. The waves are spectacular, the birdsong is tropical and each area of the resort has been carefully and lovingly designed to fill your senses with beauty and peace. 

There are daily yoga classes in the shala right on the beach overlooking the ocean. The world-class restaurant right next to the shala serves exceptional food - locally sourced, and as farm-to-table and organic as possible. It is served by staff that truly become family. 

The accommodations are open-air bungalows which means that you benefit from being outside all the time. The property is loved and well-cared for, as are the guests. It’s a slice of heavenly tropical paradise. 

If a trip to Mexico is in your future, I highly recommend Present Moment. To see more of its gorgeousness, check out their website here


I love music. It’s a beautiful example of magic. You can’t see it, it comes from “nowhere” and yet it has the power to evoke feelings and even change lives. It’s like the wind. You can’t see that either, but you can certainly experience its effects.

When I have facilitated retreats and run events, people always comment on how much they love the tunes. My interests in music are broad and varied and so I thought it would be fun to share a song of the week with you. 

This week’s song is by MC Yogi. If you haven’t heard of him, he is so cool. He was headed down the wrong path and at the critical hour found yoga. It saved his life and now he makes super hip music about the way of yoga. His songs teach about the chakras, mantras and even myths. The messaging is positive and uplifting and the music is modern and fresh. 

Heaven is Here is a particularly gorgeous song with a funky beat. Have a listen using the link below.

Listen here on Spotify

Listen here on iTunes