Reflections on Taking the “Right” Path

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2022

Last week, I had the honour of teaching Body Awake Yoga at a national conference for a group of medical academics in Banff (dream come true!) 

Since the yoga was at 6:30am, I had plenty of time to get out into the mountain air. I took two very interesting walks that seemed like a metaphor for life so I wanted to share them with you. Plus I captured this gorgeous sunrise. These are the real colours! No filters! Right out my window!

The hotel was not really in Banff; it was outside of town halfway up a mountain. I set out to explore. The option was up… or up. I clomped through the snow for a while and then found a road. It seemed relatively quiet and so up I went, enjoying the pine trees swaying in the wind on both sides. 

The road alternated with a gradual climb and then steep switchbacks where there was no visibility to determine if cars were coming or not. On each sharp curve, a decision had to be made of where it would be best to place myself so that I would be out of the way of any oncoming cars. It certainly helped me stay mindful. 

When I go out for a walk, I like to figure out how much time I have and then I set a timer for the halfway mark. That way I don’t have to watch the time and I simply turn around when the timer goes. 

On the way down, I noticed 3 deer in the dappled sunlight. One was a young deer who was eating (perhaps it was a teenager), another was sitting in the snow (maybe the grandpa) and the third one kept a keen eye on me (probably the mother) as I made my way along the road. I said a silent Namaste and observed their beauty. It was a peaceful and precious moment. 

So that was walk number one. Gorgeous.

The next day, I set out in a different direction, although the option was still just up or up. No matter, I thought, as my intention was simply to get some fresh air and move my body. 

This walk was much steeper; it was pretty much just straight up and I was soon getting a lot of fresh air as my breath rate increased. It was another gorgeous sunny day and soon I didn’t need all the layers I had piled on. Off came my toque and mittens and I opened up my jacket zipper. 

Off to the right, I noticed the road I had climbed the previous day. I thought it was fascinating how when I was on the road, I hadn’t noticed the path right next to it because I had been focused on staying visible to the cars. 

I climbed and climbed until my timer indicated that it was time to head back down. This picture shows how steep it was.

When I turned around, I was rewarded with a stunning vista of mountains, valleys, snow, trees and sunlight. 

Again, I thought it was fascinating that the walk on the road was so different. Even though this path was just a few feet away, there had been no such view.

As I descended, crunching down through the snow, I reflected on how my two walks were so much like life. 

It didn’t matter which path I took because I was clear on my intention; to get outside, breathe in some mountain air and move my body. 

I followed my intuition and had two wonderful experiences. One wasn’t better than the other. They both had their highlights and challenges.

On the first walk, I had to be really mindful of traffic but it was a gradual climb. Plus I saw the deer. Totally worth it.

On the second walk, there were no cars but it was super steep. There were no wildlife sightings, but there was a stunning view. 

Neither walk had a destination and so I really got to benefit from the journey. 

Just like in life. We can get caught up in achieving goals and yet, it’s so much more about who we become on the way. 

It can be easy to get absorbed in questioning your choices and wondering if you should have done things differently. However, if you can just focus on following your heart and deepening your trust, it releases you from self-doubt and the incessant questioning the mind can get trapped in. 

No matter which path you choose, you can trust that it was the right one for that time because it’s the choice you made. Point blank. No further ruminating needed. Some experiences will be a steep climb and some will have more of a meandering flavour. Regardless, you’ll end up exactly where you’re meant to be. 

May your week give you the opportunity to deepen your trust in yourself that you’re on the right path and that everything is unfolding in perfect timing. Plus, I hope you will give yourself the gift of getting out in nature, as she has so many profound gifts to give.

With mountains of love and tenacious courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Lover of a good climb

>Absolutely thrilled to be sharing Body Awake Yoga with real live people! (If you have an event or staff or group of people who would benefit from yoga classes/sessions, I’m your girl!)

PS - Mark your calendar; our annual Year End Review is coming up on December 27th at 8am Pacific/9am Mountain/11am Eastern for 90ish minutes. Registration details coming soon.

PPS - Keep your calendar out! Our annual Conscious New Years Celebration will be on December 31st at 7am Pacific/8am Mountain/10am Eastern. It’s the perfect way to bring ritual and meaning to complete 2022 and create a fresh clean slate for 2023. Registration details coming soon.