New Course: Inner Peace for Global Peace

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2024

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, I hear a lot of people saying that they wish they could do something. 

Guess what? You can!

Even though it seems like some events are very far away and you can’t do much beyond making a donation here and there, energetically, you can do A LOT. 

The interesting thing about energy is this: if you send out thoughts of worry, despair, fear, anger or anything similar, you’re actually contributing to more of the same. 

There’s an ancient practice that’s part of the teaching of yoga (which doesn’t just happen on the mat) called Pradyahara. It means withdrawing of the senses. 

When big things are happening in the outer world, if you join in at the same level of vibration (namely fear, anger, worry, etc), you energetically add to the challenges and obstacles.

Although it seems counterintuitive, if you withdraw your senses from the turmoil and go inward, you move into the energies of love, peace, calm and even bliss. And that’s when you make the biggest energetic contribution. 

The more you feel those wonderful feelings, the more positive impact you have on those around you and even on those on the other side of the world. 

Amazing, right?

Because of that truth, I keep getting intuitive taps on the shoulder, letting me know that I can help people cultivate more inner peace. A whole course dropped into my mind a few months ago while meditating and now the time has arrived where action can be taken.

And so, I invite you to my new 4-week course:

Inner Peace for Global Peace

Starting Tuesday, April 30, I’ll be your eager and grounded guide for cultivating more inner peace so that you become an energetic blessing all around the world, all from the comfort of your own space. 

We’ll be accessing deep levels of inner peace in 4 different ways.

Session 1

In Session 1, we’ll do Body Awake Yoga for inner peace. We’ll use asana (yoga postures), conscious breathing and toning to open up your body and energy system to allow in more inner peace. 

(That’s right, you don’t have to create the peace, you just have to learn how to allow more of it to flow through you. It’s already there! Isn’t that great news?)

The appealing thing about Body Awake Yoga is that whatever you create on the mat will ripple out into your life off the mat too. 

Session 2

In Session 2, you’ll be guided through a meditation for deep inner peace. You’ll get to still the mind and amplify your love for all the parts of you that have been trying to get your attention.

You’ll leave this session feeling a wonderful sense of calm, plus, you’ll have an effective strategy to use outside of the meditation for whenever you don’t feel so peaceful in your day-to-day life.

Session 3

In Session 3, you’ll get to experience two powerful healings. The first will be a group Spiritual BEST (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) healing. 

Created by my mentor, Dr Sue Morter, Spiritual BEST is a simple and incredibly effective way to get your life force flowing so efficiently that your system will easily let go of what’s no longer serving you. 

Spiritual BEST helps to remove subconscious blocks that keep you stuck and provides spiritual integration on every level. Where there’s spiritual integration, discord cannot exist. 

Following the Spiritual BEST session, you’ll receive a healing transmission that will help you embody the energy of inner peace so that it becomes even more a part of you. 

Session 4

In our final session, you’ll dance for inner peace. You’ll be gently and expertly guided through organic movement with gorgeous music to help enliven inner peace in every cell of your body. 

You’ll leave this session feeling a beautiful combination of peace, harmony and enlivenment. 

All in all, it’s going to be 4 weeks that will be transformational on every level. As you can see, we  won’t just be using the mind - we’ll be making space in every crevice of your being so that peace has no choice but to become even more a part of who you are at your core. 

If you’re up for more inner peace in your life, please join us. 

Get a 10% early bird discount by registering on or before April 23. Coupon Code: SERENITYNOW

You’ll get lifetime access to all the replays so whenever you need a boost, you can just choose the session that feels best to you (yoga, meditation, healing transmission or dancing) and give yourself and the world the gift of amplified inner peace. 

To see all the course details and to register, click here

I’m so looking forward to supporting you to feel more peaceful more often and then having that serenity ripple out into the rest of the world for global impact. 

Click here to register for Inner Peace for Global Peace

With fierce love and serene courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Get the early bird discount by registering by April 23. Use the coupon code SERENITYNOW

>because we’re rewatching Seinfeld with our kids and it’s so funny - especially George’s dad



This past weekend, Paul and I went to see a movie that we loved: One Life.

Anthony Hopkins is masterful in his portrayal of Sir Nicholas Winton, who organized an effort to save children trapped in Czechoslovakia in 1938 with imminent Nazi invasion. 

What we loved was the message that there's always a way. If you believe in something and it has the potential to uplift humanity, there are always solutions. 

The day after we saw it, Paul and I were discussing the possibility of riding our bikes to our weekly family Sunday dinner. I said, "Can we do that because we have to bring dessert. Maybe we should just drive."

Paul said, "If that small team of people could evacuate hundreds of children to safety with no money and no initial plan, we can figure out how to get dessert to Sunday dinner on our bikes." 

And we did. The movie's message makes a wonderful barometer of possibility. It's so much more spacious to ask "How can I?" rather than just saying "I can't."

I highly recommend One Life.

I was looking through all the songs I’ve ever shared and was shocked to see that MC Yogi wasn’t on that list yet. 

MC Yogi is so cool! He blends ancient teachings with hip hop, reggae and other funky beats. Our family has learned so much from him because he’s also a great storyteller. One of his songs is the tale of Ganesh (the god of overcoming obstacles); another is about Gandhi and another is teaches about the limbs of yoga.

There are many great choices when it comes to MC Yogi so we’ll start with Namaste. Check it out and see if you can stay still while listening. I bet you can’t 🙂

Listen to Namaste by MC Yogi on iTunes

Listen to Namaste by MC Yogi on Spotify